no the fuck it is not
1. being mentally ill does not make you a bad person
2. the goal of taking meds is to treat your illness
3. there is NOTHING WRONG with taking meds that treat an illness you have, regardless of how long you take them
4. not taking meds doesn’t make you a better person
this perspective is ableist trash that contributes to the stigma against mental illness and against getting it treated. there is zero truth in it and it should be relegated to the trash bin of history along with phrenology and bloodletting
the goal of taking antiretrovirals for HIV is not to eventually “get off them a better person”

the goal of taking insulin is not to get off it “a better person”

the goal of taking zoloft or lithium or seroquel or adderall or wellbutrin is not to “get off them a better person”
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