I want to echo some statements by @bleongambetta about harassment.

Please for the love of all that is good, never harass people.

It is a dangerous and hurtful practice and marginalized people always suffer more than everyone else.
I think most people can see that harassment is wrong in overt instances, like people hurling slurs at @aznsrepresent

All reasonable people can see and agree that that's wrong.

However, there are many communities that see themselves as good despite enabling harassment.
Sometimes it comes from a place of looking for justice. Speaking out is good.

However, when a marginalized person is under fire it is *always* more aggressive. When people uncritically try to inflict punitive measures it easily becomes counterproductive and unsafe.
Power differentials make this difficult territory. Often we see someone transgressing as an act of abusing power, which emboldens people to lash out against them.

It's important to take stock of who you are calling out and how.
Thousands of angry tweets at a millionaire author who attacked a marginalized group repeatedly and openly? The power differential there is so vast that it's hard to call that harassment.
Even a few dozen tweets at a marginalized game designer publishing content you disapprove of, or tweeting a take you think is bad is WAY different.
Unfortunately, justice is not the aim in many situations where mass harassment gets kicked off. More often than not I see harassment stemming from a place of defensiveness.

When people fairly or unfairly target something you love, lots of folks become aggressive.
This is extremely bad! It prevents our community from growing. It fills our timelines with traumatic toxicity. It makes everything worse for everyone.

It strikes me as the clearest and easiest type of harassment to pull back from though.
I don't have full solutions. Harassment is a bigger problem than just the RPG space.

What I can do is unreservedly state that I and my network condemn harassment.

I think well of my listeners. I'd like to believe that they at their cores agree.
I want to invite everyone following me to conscientiously engage with discourse. Especially privileged folks.

Real damage results from harassment. Even if you don't intend that damage.

Please always try to consider your behavior and a wider context.
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