how much each member of nct 127 curses: a thread
this is my own personal opinion based off of things I’ve seen and how members talk about it, this is in no way an accurate description of how they curse. if you have different opinions leave them in the comments I’d love to see your views on it
-only curses at the older members (johnny to doyoung for sure but maybe jaehyun depends on the day)
-has probably only said fuck like twice in his life
-gets onto the other members for cursing (esp mark)
-only curses when he gets mad
-like seriously, he straightens up to his full 6’1 self and starts cursing at you??? scary
-only curses in songs
-maybe curses a little bit but that’s about it
-normal amount of cursing
-gets onto the members cursing while cursing himself
-like a lot
-you wouldn’t think he’d curse a lot but did you see how he literally just said “fucking beautiful”?
-it just rolls of the tongue for him
-I actually don’t think he curses a lot
-like everyone would think he curses a bunch but then he pulls up with the “frickity frack” type stuff
-rarely curses
-literally probably only curses like three times a year
-but when he does you know it’s like the worst one
-curses the most
-literally curses like a middle school boy
-probably says “fuck” like every other sentence
-doesn’t really curse casually
-but once he gets gamer rage
-boy ohhh boy
-starts cursing like there’s no tomorrow
-johnny probably just sits there and laughs
end of thread
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