I've been feeling nostalgic lately and looking back at some of my favorite books from when I was a kid, and I realized that most of them were about the Holocaust.
I read every book about it I could find. I had nightmares about n*zis and h*tler coming to drag me away, and I would wake up screaming most nights. But that didn't stop me from reading them.
I was thinking about why that was, and I think it's because 20 or so years ago, the only books with Jewish characters were Holocaust books. And even then, most of these books featured gentile characters who were the heroes and saved the Jews. But its all there was.
Sure, there were the books by the Jewish publishers, but those never held the same appeal as books published by mainstream, big publishing houses.
Anyway, there's no point to this thread except to say I am glad there are more books out there with Jewish protagonists that have nothing to do with our death and suffering.
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