A year ago, almost to the day I had my first assessment to be supported by the MH Wellbeing Service.

A year ago, I was a chronic drug user who was completely dependent on supported housing, benefits and secondary mental health care because I believed I was too far gone..
A year ago, I would blame my support and my family for not giving me the validation I needed to keep myself in my “unmanageable” role. I found being called insightful an insult, and being told to be responsible for my recover was a sign that they just didn’t understand..
that I couldn’t be helped.

A year ago, after a decade of building my personality, community and relationships around illness - I joined Isorropia to prove to my CCO that it wouldn’t work.
Now here we are, I now work for the same service I walked into believing they couldn’t do anything for me. I now have an entirely new mindset on myself, my beliefs and my past support. I use tools that not just Isorropia but all of the other services, nurses and support workers..
put in my toolbox that I just wasn’t ready to use.

A year ago I believed with no shred of doubt that I was incapable of being ‘well’, a year on I am well and I’m able to use my experience to help others. So, I’m pretty proud of myself right now..
I’m so unbelievably grateful for the support I have and still do recieve, I once said to an old CCO that I bet her £1m I was never going to get well - if you’re out here in the Twitterverse, I’ll have to set up a payment plan #mentalhealth
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