Wow, that's bold.

I am confident I am in the right place, Leigh.

And that letter wasn't about defending civil liberties or free expression, especially as it relates to state interference. A vague letter about 'debate' in this context is not inherently about defending speech.
And I can understand Chomsky (or anyone's) defense of free expression, especially given long and tumultuous history of free speech being used to target Wobblies, jail and deport dissidents, shut down newspapers & events, weaponized for Red Scare and BDS etc. But that isn't this.
And me being 'head' of anything isnt really that relevant, except that as first non-lawyer + non-white + non-male in any senior position in this org brings with it daily stream of being told where i do and don't belong and questioning of my capabilities. Debate me, not my job ffs
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