The most impressive examples of leadership in my lifetime have come from President Trump, especially lately. Mindlessly following expert advice is not leadership.
Trump went against the experts to close travel from China and has been proved right. Biden tells us he would have listened to experts.
Trump is clear and consistent about reopening schools. Experts might disagree. But the experts only want to avoid specific kinds of deaths. A president has to see the whole field.
If you were not in a coma during 2020, you know the experts on just about everything have been wrong more than right. Mindlessly following their lead would be stupid. And it would not be leadership.
Trump was hard on China and tough in trade negotiations when most experts were mooing that trade wars never work. Today, having learned more about China, decoupling is certain. Trump was right again.
The only way you can argue that trusting the experts is the smartest play is if you have been hiding in your own basement for most of the year.
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