Hi fellow journalism, PR and media folk. Your help is urgently needed for #journalism students please.
As you know, getting work experience as a journalist is an essential element of the career route, and to that end we made it compulsory for all our journo trainees @uninorthants
However, under the current Covid circumstances, students in year 3 who would usually have to source their own placement (one or two weeks minimum, from now to October) are having real issues with finding media organisations like #newsrooms, #PR companies or #pressoffices who...
are 'open'. The usual @bjtc accredited places are mostly unable to run this year.
To that end, I need your help. We are changing our regulations to allow students to work on placement either in person OR remotely, but they need to be a legitimate media or PR setting, and have a
named supervisor who can give feedback. They can work remotely (eg, doing #interviews or internal #comms) and they really just need that first hit of real deadlines and working practice. (and reality...)
As we are a #multimedia course, they all have experience across news...
features, sport, TV, radio, social media and press releases. If you can help (we have news and sports trained students across the country including #Manchester, #Birmingham, #Norfolk, #Cumbria #Coventry #Rugby #Corby #London #Swindon #Reading #Wellingborough #Northampton...)
If you could offer a place to a student in a media setting, can you drop me a direct message or email me via my university [email protected] please? Thanks!
#wideningdiversity #journalism #firststep #media #workexperience 🗞️🎙️📺📰👍✍️
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