Here's why I don't think Ghislaine Maxwell ends up dead:

Epstein was completely disposable. He wasn't the real power behind the throne. He was a useful pervert, nothing more.

Of course, none of the victims see this, their belief is that Epstein was running the show.
The FBI and the DOJ and...[I can't prove this yet but I strongly suspect it] the NSA/CIA grabbed Epstein then spent almost a full year keeping discreet tabs on Maxwell, where she went, who she met with, who she called, who called, who exchanged emails with her, etc.
They didn't need Epstein to talk because he didn't know anything they didn't already know.

When he figured that out, that he had NO LEVERAGE, they were gonna offer him NOTHING because they weren't really interested in him to begin with, he killed himself.
That's not the case with Maxwell. SHE knows quite a bit. And during the past year they were watching her and spying on her, they got a taste of what she knows.

So they won't let Maxwell kill herself and they're not going to let anybody off her either.
Epstein had drawn his last breath as a free man. He knew this. He **knew** he was never getting out. He was going to die in prison. So he chose the coward's way out.

Maxwell DOES have incentive to talk. And you're **really** not going to like what I have to say next....
She's going to be offered a deal.


They are really REALLY interested in getting her to tell everything she knows.

And the longer she holds out the sweeter & sweeter the deal is going to get.
So Epstein...they offered him nothing. He had no leverage.

That's not the case with Maxwell. She DOES have leverage. They need to know what she knows. They need her to talk.

So she's going to face spending the rest of her life in prison...or talking & getting a year or two.
And if she talks and she gets a deal for a much lighter sentence, you're going to see Maxwell/Epstein's victims raise holy hell and I wouldn't blame them even a little bit.

But this is how it works.
To land the big fish you gotta offer the smaller fish a deal to flip and talk.

And Maxwell is far from the biggest fish in the pond here.

That's why all kinds of famous, rich powerful and influential people are sweating bullets now that she's been arrested.
So if she takes a deal and gets hit with some far more lenient sentence than expected, like 2-3 years in a Club Fed, that'll be because she talked.

And no, before you ask, DOJ isn't gonna tell THE F**KING MEDIA what she gave up.

They will be building cases.
The alternative to that scenario, of course, is that she tells the DOJ to get bent and takes the full sentence.

That wouldn't be smart, IMHO, because they already learned quite a bit from spying on her for the past year.

We'll have to see how this plays out.

And now my brother @CatesDuane brings up an interesting point.

Look at how HUGE that house and estate was in NH.

She was there....alone?

They went in with almost 50 armed people because...she was by herself there?
They had the place under surveillance. They'd know if she was alone or not.

But they went in a large tactical team in full gear.

So no, she was not alone.
Now I know what you're thinking.

"They'd have to TELL US who else was in the house with her. NO way could take other people there into custody and not talk about it."

And you're wrong.

This is the US government.

They don't have to tell YOU shit.
Did they TELL us who the foreign actors were they caught in Minneapolis?

Did they TELL us where all the armed goons inside the CHOP went?

They did not.

We may find out one day. Some day.

But right now...they ain't talking.

And they have good reasons for not going public.
So yes, the picture doesn't add up. A full tactical raid team to take one elderly Brit socialite and perv into custody in this huge house all by herself?

It's **very** likely she wasn't alone and they picked THAT time for the raid due to whoever else was there.
And if this is true, that other people were there, it'll be quite some time before that comes out, if it ever does.

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