Unfortunately the predictions that I made some years ago are coming through one by one.

Namely that they would ban their way starting from the far right and going to the middle.

Now the time have come to ban Stefan Molyneux and soon they will come for @PeterSweden7
2/ As he is my son I know for sure that he is not far right and that his beliefs are rather similar to these of Ronald

It is very clear that #BigTech has banned free speech and are working hard to ban conservative opinions.
3/ To ban opponents is what all authoritan people and states love to do.

My prediction is that they will come for Peter this year or 2021 at the very latest.

In North Korea parents suffer, just for being parents, ...
4/ ...so even though Peter and I disagree a lot I predict that I will be banned for being a parent either in 2021 or at least in 2022.
5/ If it was not for being parents I guess they would not had banned us before in 2022-2023, but at that time I predict that they will be banning a lot of Christians.

Even today it seems like people have been banned for saying that God created us to man and woman.
6/ When #BigTech already now are so hateful against #Christianity that this even is a question - shows a level of authoritarianism that means that the platforms have no value for free speech any longer.

If people have so little faith in their own beliefs that they must ...
7/ ... opponents; -It shows how weak their beliefs are.

However, what is certain is that death is coming.

God could give you grace for another 50 years, or your next step could be in eternity.

It is much wiser that we are ready to meet Jesus, if it is today or in 50 years.
8/ We might very well be banned pretty soon after this thread, or maybe not yet, but I don’t care.

(I have anyway considered deleting my account.)

When my Lord died on a cross for me – being banned is a pretty small price.
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