“Have you ever thought about it?” Taehyung asks, fingers recognizing the lines on Yoongi’s palm.

Yoongi chews his lower lip. He’s thrumming with nervous energy, but a little tic at the corner of his eye ignites excitement. “About what?”

Taehyung smirks. “Fucking in the tub.”
Taehyung waits for the spluttering. Waits for the hand being widthrawn and Yoongi wiggling to put a space between their thighs.

Instead, it’s quiet. More chewing on the lower lip, blood rushing to the little indents to paint the pale pink skin as rosy as his cheeks.
Taehyung has always been a fan of Yoongi’s shyness. It was typical and yet astronomically romantic—Taehyung with his big grand gestures of courting Yoongi in the common room of their college dormitories and Yoongi almost always squeaking in distress, lip perpetually chewed out.
It took him seven months of painstakingly taking Yoongi’s breath away with his confident flirting before he even got a digit of the elder’s number. A year before Yoongi agreed to get coffee together at that shop where Seokjin works to keep an eye on both of them.
A year and a half is when Yoongi starts to warm up to the idea of a hand to hold, of how that could be Taehyung. A year and eight months before a single kiss on the cheek, right on that cute little mole that Taehyung has always referred to as his soulmate mark;
the mark he cheesily created a back story to. How Yoongi and all his past lives as Taehyung’s lover, and how that mark allows Taehyung to find him again and again in the continuous loop of eternity.

A year and nine months when Yoongi bought the story with a kiss on his lips.
A kiss right on the chapped skin at a weird lull during bowling nights. Taehyung with his romantic streak answers with a defining grin under ugly pink neon lights, yanking Yoongi back to his arms and tipping him backwards before tearing his mouth into the seam of curling lips,
Yoongi’s ears burning hot at the following whistles from some of the bowling alley patrons.

Taehyung never stops kissing him after that. From the bus stop to his doorstep. From the cafeteria to the movie theater. A kiss on the forehead, on the cheek. At the tip of his nose.
Taehyung in spite of the hunger, waits. He waits until Yoongi himself throws his lithe thighs down his lap. Until arms are wrapped around his neck. The visual of the apples of his cheeks streaked with mirth and his cat eyes blinking in apprehension, head tilted
with nerves, pink lips pouting. Yoongi looks at everywhere—from the corners of the picture frames to the leather jacket hung on one of the tenterhooks.

The day Taehyung fucked Yoongi, the sofa had a spaghetti stain.
It stained when Yoongi dropped the fork after Taehyung admittedly tweaked his chances, planting an inadvertent kiss at the crest of the smaller’s exposed collarbone. Yoongi’s resulting tremors are more than welcome, even with the way the fork toppled over,
plate on his hand wobbling until Taehyung takes it to the table.

Yoongi is all shut eyes and fingers over his mouth. Taehyung whispers words of love, letters of affection sliding down his tongue as he imparts each on the valleys of his skin, sucking marks and biting veins.
Taehyung remembers the first crack of his voice. The heavy panting and the small moans contained by his fists. He lets Yoongi muffle his noises, allows him to have one small comfort. Taehyung holds his hands all throughout, knuckles bumping on the corner of Yoongi lips as
he thrusts in and out, relishing on the heavy grip of his walls quivering with pleasure.

He fucks him raw, slow and heavy. Taehyung with his golden tongue spells out how beautiful he looks right now, hair splayed on the scratchy material of the pillowcases.
Yoongi allows small respites from shyness. A twitch of his cock as he helps to lower his plump ass, fucking himself minutely on Taehyung’s large cock.

Taehyung keeps the image of his shy baby, his bashful Yoongi, lost in the throes of passion.
It took Yoongi four orgasms before he tells Taehyung he loves him, too.

It took maybe six or seven to get them here, alone in a beautiful hotel room high above the city of Seoul. Taehyung keeps his streak of love in gestures, booking a hotel room for a free weekend.
The years took them to this, to Yoongi being confident enought to have his thighs sheltered by Taehyung’s. Large palms walk the smooth plane of his skin, swirling patterns of figure eights until a fingertip reaches the seem of his shorts, nail pushing an indent.
Yoongi whines, eyes trained on the finger now diving deeper. Taehyung takes in the rapid blinking of his eyes with something akin to hunger, cock chubbing up to the glassy look on the elder’s eyes as he licks his lips in anticipation.

“So?” He asked one more time.
Yoongi didn’t ask him to elaborate. He knows what Taehyung is talking about. Heard it a moment before. Yoongi remains mum, resorts to biting his lips again as one finger turns to two, and Taehyung’s other palm starts getting involved.
It now bravely hitches to the apple of his cheeks, applying pressure until Yoongi feels to his bone. Taehyung’s palm covers an entire side of his face, lashes getting caught at the end of his fingertips.

“Baby.” Taehyung says, voice deep. Laced with want. With anticipation.
Yoongi blinks until his vision turns to Taehyung. Beautiful Taehyung, with his chiseled nose and captivating eyes. Lips parted in lust, tongue poking at the corner and laving over his teeth.

“I’ve thought about it.” Yoongi tries to sound nonchalant, like thinking of
Taehyung fucking him while they’re completely submerged in bubbles and bath salts is as typical as a walk in the park.

Taehyung perks up at the positive tone. “And?”

Yoongi takes time. Taehyung knows.
So when Yoongi, finally, with conviction welling on his lids holds eye contact. When pools of honey bores into his own, Taehyung’s world stops to listen.

“I want it.”
It takes no time to drape Yoongi’s entire body on his torso. To support his weight with hands bracketing the back of his thighs. Yoongi weights more in spirit than in pounds, Taehyung barely breaking a sweat as he breezes to stand on his feet.
The walk to the bathroom was quiet. Armed with the light streaking from the floor to ceiling glass windows, Taehyung gets a look at Yoongi’s dark hair absorbing the rays. He plants a quick kiss on the crown of his head as he saunters closer to the door.
It opens to candles. To the sound of bubbling water. A waft of an english cottage garden and the heavy air of scented oils.

Taehyung watches as Yoongi blinks to take it all in. The water is ready and warm, decorated with flower heads and petals of white roses.
By the vanity is an array of candles burning cheerfully. Its flicker casts shadows of both of their bodies on the tiled walls.

Taehyung pulls back to observe the awe in Yoongi’s face. The shadows dance in silhouettes around his eyes, reflecting the light of the candles.
Yoongi is beautiful. He’s beautiful and he’s Taehyung’s.

Taehyung surges to claim what’s his. Putting Yoongi down nimbly on top of the counter, tongue never breaking it’s access as it licks through lines of teeth.
The innate shyness comes to play once more. Fingers shake and clench on itself, Taehyung catches in amusement when he breaks the kiss to look at Yoongi.

“Want to touch me, baby?” Taehyung jests.

Yoongi nods, eyes averted. Taehyung takes it to himself to wrap his own fingers
around the elder’s wrist before guiding his palms on his chest.

A small groan of awe breaks through petal lips. Taehyung shivers as he watches Yoongi with rapt attention. Palms start to trace the outline of his muscles until it rests over his heart.
Taehyung kisses him again. Grows braver on his advances as he nips Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi answers by pulling Taehyung closer, wrapping his arms around his wide shoulders. Taehyung finds himself in the middle of lithe thighs, now warm to touch as he fondles with want.
“Lovely.” He whispers as he makes his pulse bloom. “You don’t know what you do to me.”

Deft fingers start to peal fabric, separating them from pale skin. Inches of Yoongi gets revealed to the room as Taehyung pulls his clothes off his body.
Goosebumps starts rising on the trails Taehyung touched. Yoongi’s mouth is perpetually opened a fraction, heavy breathing accompanying the small puffs of air in the room.

When all is bare except the modest cloth concealing his groin, Taehyung pulls back.

With words of awe, Yoongi snaps back to now. His cheeks start to mimic the color of the candles, burning as Taehyung surveys his body with barely concealed hunger.

“Don’t be shy anymore, baby.” Taehyung smirks, gaze lingering on his hips. “I’ve seen it all before.”
With the reminder of their past activities, Yoongi burns. Taehyung chuckles as arms come automatically to shield his torso from wandering eyes.

“Why are you still hiding?” He jests, now circling around Yoongi like a hawk to its prey. “I’ve marked your chest so many times.”
Yoongi keeps quiet.

“I’ve kissed your sternum.” Taehyung starts to recount. “I’ve licked your nubs.” Yoongi starts to whimper.

Taehyung stops.

“I came all over your soft tummy.”

Yoongi closes his eyes.
Taehyung refuses to touch him now, though his hands try to betray him. He keeps his distance from Yoongi, trains his eyes to all the sides of him available to peruse.

He will touch him when he’s ready. When Yoongi starts to let his grip loose. When Yoongi is dripping and needy.
“I remember one time when we were fucking.” He lets all the crude words drip like honey, watching Yoongi shiver once more as it catches up to him. “You were getting so desperate for my cock, baby. I even got to ask you to call me daddy.”
Yoongi’s whimpers sound pained this time. Taehyung almost stops, but the way Yoongi’s eyes keep close and his expression still painted with lust urges him to go on.

“You were so pliant. So forgiving. You let my name roll on your lips while your ass roll on mine.”
Yoongi’s legs are starting to knock against each other. Taehyung observes quietly for a while, watching Yoongi increasingly panting with lust.

“You were so eager to ride my cock then, baby. I was wondering where my shy boy went to. I couldn’t recognize you that night.”
“As far as I was concerned, I was being ridden by a slut.”

Yoongi recoils as if slapped. Taehyung stalks forward, thinking he has gone too far. He’s almost by Yoongi’s side before he hears two little words spilling from his mouth.

“I am.”
It was said with a small voice. A breeze. A whisper.

In the closed bathroom where only them exists, it echoes.

Taehyung has never been this turned on before.

He walks backwards again, licking his lips. “Yeah? Is my shy baby a slut?”

Yoongi starts nodding.
Taehyung feels the clutch of arousal take over. His palms automatically strain to grip at his crotch, fingers closing on the thin fabric of his sweatpants to stroke his cock.

“My shy baby has turned to a slut?” He mocks disbelief. “Did I train you to love my cock?”
Yoongi nods with fervor. He squirms on top of the counter, thighs rubbing to give himself a channel for relief.

Taehyung growls. “Spread your legs.”

Yoongi follows, rost knees separating from each other.

Taehyung watches as Yoongi grows impatient, hips twitching trying
to grind back his ass on the flat surface of the counter.

“Desperate.” He tuts. “Fucking desperate to get my cock inside your hole. Clearly, I misjudged you, baby. Always thought you were shy throughout, but you’ve just been hiding behind that mask, aren’t you?”
Small whimpers make their way to Yoongi’s throat, vibrating as teeth starts to nibble on his lower lips again. Taehyung quickens his hands on his cock, clearly getting off to the desperate aura Yoongi emanates.
“You’ve always been a cock slut inside but nobody fucks you good enough to bring it out of you.” He spits rapidly. Taehyung’s head starts to spin as Yoongi nods even faster, small litany of yes dripping from his glistening lips.
“I’m here now, baby.” Taehyung says. “I’ll fuck that slut out of you.”

He doesn’t know when he started moving, only catching himself when he’s already wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s form, carrying him once again until he’s submerged in the tub.
Taehyung forgets how he’s still wearing clothes, but none of that matters right now. Yoongi is laid back in the water, eyes fluttering as petals rush to form around his body, crowding his skin with the beautiful contrast of the white flowers caressing his form.
Taehyung runs a finger through his hair as Yoongi blinks, still affectedly panting. He pushes his hand under the water until he makes contact with Yoongi’s cock, still clothed in flimsy underwear.

Taehyung begins sliding the fabric down his thighs, Yoongi’s whimpers
delicious as the material scratches on his hard-on. Taehyung gives him a wide grin, pulls the cloth slower until Yoongi is pouting.

“Can’t wait?” Taehyung jokes. Yoongi pouts some more until Taehyung relents and throws the underwear somewhere behind him.
He pulls him closer to kiss the pout away, nipping on the puffy lower lip. Yoongi grows brave once more, hands walking on its own accord as he grips through Taehyung’s biceps, fingers grabbing on the muscle.

Taehyung laughs and pushes Yoongi gently, laying him once more.
He lets him watch as he artfully lifts his shirt, giving a glimpse of his toned torso. Yoongi loves the small pouch of soft flesh right on top of his tummy. It has always been a site of wandering hands either in cold or in warmth, but now all that’s pouring off of Yoongi is
heated gaze and a buzz of anticipation.

Taehyung smirks as he bends down to pull at his sweatpants, cock springing in full display. Yoongi’s cheeks darken once again but his eyes never stray from where he’s fixated now, pupils blown.
“Want this?” Taehyung puts on a show. Dips his hand on the bathwater until it’s soaking with the fragrant liquid, smearing all over his cock until it’s dripping all over the floor.

He strokes himself with gusto, eyes trained on the way Yoongi starts to squirm.
“It’s so wet, baby.” Taehyung whispers. “So wet that it would just glide smoothly inside of you.”

“Please.” Yoongi finds his voice. “Please. Please, Tae. Please.”

Taehyung recovers from the shock. He plays it cool, acting as if he’s thinking for the answer.
“What would you do for me?”

Yoongi moans low. He twitches and turns. Taehyung can see the shadow of his hands below the water, grasping at his little cock as he tries not to cum from being overwhelmed.

“Anything.” He whispers. “Anything, Taehyung.”
Taehyung groans at the myriad of possibilities. All of his perversions, the things kept behind the dark. All that he suppresses—coming alive with Yoongi’s touch.

There would be enough time for that. For now, this will do.

“Come here, baby.”
He guides Yoongi to his knees, the water sloshing around. Petals part as Yoongi rises to his feet once before bending, kneeling by the edge of the tub.

Taehyung sits at one of the cement blocks, cock on his hand. He strokes as Yoongi parts his lips, asking for permission.
“Want to suck my cock, baby?” He whispers, fingers lovingly stroking through his hair.

Yoongi nods once more, submissively widening his mouth. Taehyung pulls his tongue out himself, thumbing on the depression at the middle.
He taps the head of his cock on Yoongi’s ready tongue. Yoongi moans as the slight taste of the oils of the bath and Taehyung hit his tastebuds, tongue curling to draw more.

The image of Yoongi’s rosy elbow bent at the edge of the tub, gripping for balance
makes Taehyung curse. Eyes hyperfocused on the large cock resting on his tongue, crossing in its proximity. Yoongi’s pink lips almost splitting as he opens his small mouth wide. Tiny little dusky pink numbs marbling in the cold, rushes of white petals caressing continuously.
He grips at Yoongi’s chin and looks him in the eye.

The love of his life. The man of his dreams.

His little shy boy. Desperate and hungry for cock.

Taehyung slides inside in no time. Yoongi takes him with precision, lips coming to wrap around his shaft.
Taehyung feels the head of his cock prodding at the roof of Yoongi’s mouth. He curses at the pressure, most especially when Yoongi puts his beautiful lips to work, mouthing at the prominent vein.

He tries not to fall apart as Yoongi takes him in deeper, eyes closing as
he hungrily slurps. Echoes of water slushing and Yoongi’s throat gurgling tie together into a wall of sound enveloping the entire bathroom.

“Fuck. Yes.” Taehyung encourages him, fingers on his hair. “You love that, huh? You love the taste of my cock?”
Yoongi’s eyes flutter in agreement. Taehyung tightens at the peaceful look on his face, as if having his cock in his mouth brings him a little piece of enlightenment.

It goes on for a couple of minutes until Taehyung feels the heavy pull in his gut.
He grips onto the elder’s chin once more, thumb pulling the lower lip with it.

Taehyung starts to thrust erratically, pattern alternating as he first fucks short bursts of strokes before burying his cock deep for a few seconds, making Yoongi choke.
Tears start welling up on his eyes. His thighs thrash and the water sloshes and pours from the lip of the tub. A mix of spit and bathwater begins to pour from Yoongi’s chin, dripping and mixing with the contents of the tub.
He looks so desperate. So fucked out even with his hole still untouched that Taehyung loses his head for a second. He takes Yoongi’s throat to his palm and starts thrusting deeper, feeling the indent of his cock push through the space on his neck.
“Feel that baby?” He says through gritted teeth. “Do you fucking feel that?”

Yoongi’s eyes roll back to his skull. Taehyung gives short strokes deep on his neck and moans at the feeling of his own cock perceived by his fingers around Yoongi’s neck.
Yoongi splutters and Taehyung pulls out completely. The air is filled with the sounds of Yoongi coughing as Taehyung pulls him up to his feet, holding him on his arms.

“Shh. You did good, love.” Taehyung assures him, planting kisses on his temple. “Took that so well.”
Yoongi starts breathing deeply, the sound of air rushing through his throat loud in the room. Taehyung continues to rock him on his arms. He ignores his impending orgasm for now, focusing on whispering praises on Yoongi’s forehead.
Yoongi starts to calm down, splutters less as Taehyung pulls both of their bodies into the water. The temperature is less than warm now, petals strewn about the bathroom floor where the water rushes.

Yoongi’s breathing returns to normal, back planted against Taehyung’s chest.
For a moment it was quiet. No words are exchanged as Taehyung closes his eyes, feeling the rhythm of Yoongi’s breathing as it goes back to normal. The rise and fall of their chests sync and Yoongi starts to hum, squirm once more as the water turns hot with both
their naked bodies drenched in it.

The petals crowding around their torso gets disturbed. Yoongi starts moving his hips, globes of his ass digging onto Taehyung’s slowly hardening cock once more.

Taehyung growls. A flash of hand until he pins Yoongi to his chest,
arm crossed around his torso. Yoongi keeps on grinding against his dick, moaning sweetly at the silky feel of skin on skin.

Taehyung starts kissing on his throat as Yoongi’s movements go faster. He nips at his pulse and Yoongi throws his head back, hips still working
overtime to caress his soft plump ass up and down Taehyung’s cock.

“Fucking slut.” He growls with his teeth on his throat. “Couldn’t wait. Now you’re riding me without asking for permission.”

Yoongi groans, head still supported on Taehyung’s shoulder.
He lets it continue for a while, until he feels full blown arousal brewing a storm in his veins.

He pushes Yoongi forward until he tips to support his weight with his hands. Taehyung is afforded the glorious view of the pale cheeks of his ass, spread out and inviting,
droplets of water cascading in tiny rivers on the soft angles of his body.

Taehyung groans. Puts a hand on his cock to relieve some of the pressure. His fingers start to caress the smooth skin, one cheek still carrying the mark of what they did in the dark last week.
Yoongi’s thighs are shaking. He smooths his palms over them until they start to revert to calm.

“Look at you.” Taehyung speaks in awe. “Beautiful, baby.”

He runs his palm to cup the pink cock hanging in between his spread thighs, small and leaking.
Yoongi groans. Taehyung starts to flick the little thing between his thumbs, pulling back to see the tip glisten as precum starts to pool at the hole.

“You’re leaking for me.” Taehyung states. “Can’t wait to get fucked.”

He continues to prod at his cock, wrapping the shaft
with his long fingers. Yoongi moans loud and it propels Taehyung to tip forward, tongue ready to spear and taste Yoongi while he’s spread vulnerable.

He tastes like the coconut essential oil. Like the roses in the bathwater. Yoongi tastes like the sweetest fruit
in the garden of Eden, and as Taehyung nibbles on the skin around his rim he waits for heaven to rain and punish him for his sin.

“Tae.” Yoongi starts chanting his name. “Taehyung. Please. Taehyung”

Taehyung takes that as a cue to get deeper.
To ground his body with hands grasping at Yoongi’s ass, pulling him closer until he’s impaled on his tongue.

Yoongi screams. Taehyung wiggles his tongue inside while his mouth sucks at the skin, caressing the smooth walls with the muscle.
Taehyung feels Yoongi start to move back, pushing and pulling on his own accord. He groans as Yoongi starts fucking himself on Taehyung’s tongue, hips changing to rapid strokes as the tongue gets coupled with a finger.

Yoongi is unabashedly screaming now,
cracked voice reverberating on the tiled walls. Taehyung procures lube from where the essential oils are sitting and he slicks up another of his finger as he slides it inside Yoongi once more, pace quickening.
He fucks Yoongi thoroughly, fingers scissoring to ensure the stretch. Yoongi has shed all inhibitions of shyness, the slut he had insinuated on peeking through how swift he bounces on Taehyung’s fingers and how willing he begs for his cock.
“Please please please.” He begs. “Please Taehyung I’m ready please fuck me now.”

Taehyung feels like hanging him some more. “You are in no position to demand, baby. I control the reins here.”

He stands his ground. Holds tight on Yoongi’s ass as he fingers him relentlessly.
He thinks he’s doing a good job of acting unaffected until Yoongi turns back to look him in the eye. Tears of frustration falling down his cheeks that are now tinged with rouge, pink mouth babbling pleas he can never resist.

Taehyung throws his head in arousal,
pulling Yoongi back to his lap. Yoongi goes with the strength Taehyung exhibited, draping his pliant body all over the other’s torso.

Taehyung begins to mouth at his throat once more, teeth tearing into ear lobes as he kisses its shell.
“You’re such a desperate fucking slut.” He growls, hips jostling Yoongi to give him a taste. “But you’re so fucking addictive so I’m giving you what you want. What do you say?”

Yoongi hiccups. He starts fluttering his eyes closed again.

“Thank you, daddy.”
Nothing prepared Taehyung from hearing it once more. It claws deep into his gut and the adrenaline allows him to lift Yoongi slightly, aiming the head of his cock on his pink rim.

He lowers Yoongi once more, the first ring of muscle giving in as Taehyung pushes with his might.
Yoongi’s mouth opens in a soundless scream. A deep groan brews in his throat as the squelching sound of Taehyung’s cock burying itself deeper on his ass mixes with the sound of the water tipping to the floor.

Taehyung can feel Yoongi’s tight walls open themselves up,
mold their grip to accommodate the stretch of Taehyung’s thick cock. He groans at the warm sensation enveloping his senses, all the cells in his body focused on the screaming line of fire down his groin.

When Yoongi’s ass finally touches his lap, Taehyung plants his feet.
He wraps his hands around Yoongi’s waist, groans at how small and fragile his body feels beneath his hold.

Yoongi lifts his ass a fraction, allowing Taehyung to fuck up the space. The result is an explosion of senses, Yoongi falling apart and screaming as his prostate gets hit
dead on, body shivering at the sudden assault of pleasure.

Taehyung moans loud as he feels the spongy flesh massage the head of his cock and he thrusts up once more, chasing after the feeling. It feels downright incredible—Yoongi’s hole clenching every time his prostate
gets stimulated, gripping Taehyung’s cock with intense heat.

“Fuck!” Taehyung screams once more as he relentlessly drives up to Yoongi’s body while simultaneously pulling him down like a lifeless doll. Yoongi goes without a fight, stacked moans toppling on top of each other
as his body gets continuously attacked with pleasure.

“Taking my cock so well, baby.” Taehyung babbles while a fog descends to his brain, covering all other thoughts. “Made to take me like this. Hole fucking made for daddy to fuck into.”
Yoongi goes to agree, hand gliding down his own body. Taehyung watches in awe as Yoongi starts to feel up and down his skin, water leaving a glistening trail on where he touches himself.

He looks so peaceful. So lost in pleasure.
His cheeks still burn the same scarlet he has come to love. His shy boy still on the surface of this beautiful body allowing himself to be ravaged by Taehyung’s sinful hands.

“You’re so beautiful, baby.” Taehyung starts speaking his mind. “My baby. My shy boy.”
“Yes.” Yoongi agrees, now riding Taehyung with all of his strength. He starts to thrust down faster, the plump flesh of his ass bouncing on Taehyung’s lap. “I’m your shy boy. Your good boy.”

Taehyung pulls his chin and kisses him until their lips starts to burn.
Yoongi kisses him back extending the same passion. Hands entwined together on the smaller’s waist.

Taehyung feels the tell-tale sign of rapidly hurtling orgasm start to rush through his veins. He revs up the pace, jostling Yoongi too much that the smaller is forced to throw
a hand to grip the sides of the tub once more.

Water begins to pour out ravenously, tipping all over the floor. The clothes they shed that are strewn about are now sopping wet, fabric flowing with the petals.
“I’m gonna cum, baby.” Taehyung warns. He snakes a hand over at Yoongi’s cock and begins tugging at the same pace, thrusting on his ass as his toes curl.

Yoongi positively thrashes along the tub. “Tae, me too. Me, too. Fuck, me too!”
He pins Yoongi’s weight once more on his body, pulling him down with gravity as he grinds into him heavy and deep, hips snapping fast with almost no space between them.

Taehyung bites at his shoulder and Yoongi explodes all over his hand.
“Tae! Oh god!” Yoongi babbles as ribbons of white spunk begins to flow violently all over his cock, dripping to mix with the remaining petals on the tub.

Taehyung continues on fucking Yoongi through his orgasm, hands pushing him to oversensitivity as he continues to stroke.
Tears begin mixing with water. Taehyung groans deep continuosly, his hard nipples getting stimulated by Yoongi’s back on his chest.

“Fuck, baby. So good to me.” He babbles some more. “So good to me. I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum inside you.”
Yoongi sobs, nose scrunching as he gives him his all one last time. Fucking his sensitive ass back on Taehyung’s lap.

“Cum inside me, please.” Yoongi begs, words drawled as tiredness start to catch up. “Cum inside me, daddy.”
It was all Taehyung needs. With hands pinning Yoongi onto him, he thrusts thrice before the taut string snaps, thick globs of spunk coating Yoongi’s humid walls. He gives it some more as he rides out his orgasm, hips fucking the cum deeper.
Some of it spill through the tiny space where Yoongi’s hole grows loose at Taehyung’s minstrations. Cum starts to run down his thighs, mixing with the water once more.

Taehyung keeps his cock buried deep inside Yoongi as their breaths sync once more, heartbeats barreling
through their rib cages to be heard all around the walls.

He starts to kiss his hair again. The hands that were once pinning him down roaming through the tired bones of his body, kneading on knots and caressing the skin wrinkled by the water.
The water is less than half now, and the petals are easy to count. Taehyung thinks there are eighteen petals, maybe nineteen if you count Yoongi’s lips still trying to normalize its movement, still quivering as it remembers the pleasure that drove him insane.
The candles are burnt to half their life. Small rays from the setting sun start to cast orange light to the walls.

Yoongi’s hair looks like burning auburn in this light. Taehyung is mesmerized with the way his lashes catches the gleam from the city.
The ever present blush is drowned by the colors of the world. Yoongi’s eyes remain downcast. Until they aren’t.

Until they’re opened and his body is turned around, looking at Taehyung directly, silhouetted by the goodbye of the morning and the ushering of the night.
Yoongi is beautiful. He’s beautiful when his eyes are closed. He’s beautiful when he’s lost in pleasure.

He’s also beautiful like this: submerged in dirty water, smiling with a quiet power that pushes Taehyung to fall deeper.
“My shy boy.”

Taehyung whispers in awe. The coconut smell still permeates the air, but so does the smell of Yoongi and his love—the sweat and the smiles, the aspects of it all.

“My beautiful boy.”

He pulls him to a deep kiss once more. Breaking only as day turns to night.
And even then, when both are no longer damp and strewn on the bed. Even then, when Yoongi is fast asleep and the memories of the day are merely rolls of pictures constantly on Taehyung’s mind.

He’s reminded how Yoongi is beautiful. Beautiful and his.

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