There’s obviously been a rash of new Administration action against immigration. The move against foreign students & asylum seekers as well as the impending re-cancellation of DACA: these are not efforts to “rally” the President’s base, a former Administration official told me. 1/
There was a time when that was, at least in theory, part of the game plan. And had SCOTUS sided with Trump on ending DACA, things may have hewed closer to WH expectations, since the idea was always to use Dreamers as leverage in hardball talks with Congressional Dems. 2/
But now even some WH stalwarts concede that Trump is in a kind of free fall. And what we’re seeing is Miller and his cabal trying to force through as much as they can before the music stops. “This was obviously going to happen,” ex-official said. “Totally predictable.” End/
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