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i think it’s time you all fall in love with a new group.

let me introduce you to BLACK6IX, a six member group under BlackHole Entertainment. They made their debut April 7, 2017.
Their debut song is titled ‘Please’ and i highly recommend listening to it. It gives off older generation vibes while still being fresh and it’s a song that will get stuck in your head in the best way possible.

The fandom name is Blackpearl.
Let’s meet the members

Here we have Taeyoung.
- 95 liner
-Main vocalist
-Main dancer

taeyoung has a smooth voice and an incredible and relatable personality. he works extremely hard to make sure blackpearls have content to feed on. 20/10 guy.
taeyoung pretty often uploads some really good tiktoks that highlight the fact that he can dance really well. he’s very captivating
Next we have Yongseok
-93 liner
-Main vocalist

yongseok have a very bubbly personality and he laughs and makes others laugh a lot. his voice is piercing and unique, there’s not a voice like his out there. it’s really hard to believe he’s the oldest because of how baby he is.
no really i promise he’s the oldest. he’s also extremely sweet and kind to blackpearls and he is very protective over us as well. he is always trying to make us smile and laugh and reminding us he loves us.
Next is Jongwoon
- 95 liner
- Lead vocalist
he has warm honey vocals and an infectious laugh. his talent is out of this world truly. his personality is very calming and he feels like home. warm, welcoming, safe. he comes off as more of the quiet type but he is also v funny.
here’s jongwoon (left) and yongseok (right) covering Crush. their vocal tones fit together so perfectly and it truly shows that black6ix have some of the best vocalists in the group
now on to Ziki
- 95 liner
- Lead rapper
- Main dancer
he is an extremely talented rapper with a very chill personality. he likes to say what he feels and has some of the funniest one liners. he’s true to himself and you can see he really loves what he does and who he’s with.
honestly just watch this and you’ll fall in love. he’s so funny and as much as he looks cool and is cool he is also very babie
next we have my ult of ults : Yey
- 97 liner
- vocalist
- rapper
- basically whatever you need him to do he can and will do
- all around perfect guy love him muah
he has a 4D personality and is the happy virus of the group. he’s constantly smiling and making others smile.
his solo vlives are always an experience. he makes sure to do the most fun things to interact and entertain blackpearls. he’s friendly and he loves blackpearls as much as we love him.
truly the human embodiment of the sun
Last but definitely not least : The King
- 00 liner
- main rapper
- maknae

you wouldn’t believe tk is the maknae if you base everything off of personalities. he’s intelligent and BEYOND talented. truly one of my favorite rappers to exist. he has a very calm demeanor.
tk blesses us with his charming raps and intellect but also with his small giggles and soft smiles truly he has it all. talent, personality, a big heart. anytime tk blesses us with his appearance it’s such a treat and he leaves you happy 24/7
Black6ix has their latest comeback February 12 2020 with their second mini album ‘Nice to Meet You’ with the title track ‘Call My Name” HIGHLY recommend this song and the entire album.
Black6ix are six incredibly talented, kind hearted gentleman who love what they do and love and support their fans as much as we love and support them. They truly deserve to have all their dreams come true and i really hope you’ll give them a chance.
if anyone has any questions or wants to learn more about them PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know and i will always be free and willing to help you become a blackpearl. this thread barely touches on how incredible they are truly.
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