I think I have successfully blocked enough #MAGAts for this to work now. Take this seriously, it's going to be used as part of my champaign advertisement. Thank you.

Who will win the Presidential Election?
Very funny guys. I'm not sure if you all picked up on this but "Someone Else" actually means #Trump. If you voted that way by accident let me know.
I've gotta admit I was a bit worried but it looks like it's starting to even out.
OMG SERIOUSLY Russian bots cut it out. Stop interfereing.


Ok I think there may have been a misunderstanding.

If you are currently intimidating a woman with an AR-14, don't vote.
If you are sitting on a tractor, don't vote.
If you have used the term "meth lab accident" at a funeral, don't vote.
I hope that clears it up, #MAGAts
Let me add to that. If you're profile picture is a middle aged white man with sunglasses or a picture of a founding father, you're vote doesn't count.
Aren't all of you #MAGAts supposed to be at work right now?!? STOP VOTING.
Now that the West Coast is waking up and Moscow is going to sleep, this poll is going to turn around. Get those tissues ready, trumpers!

Why are you doing this?!? You and you're #MAGA friends are hillbillies! This is a poll for learned doctors!
If you have some very original comment like "no wonder you're divorced" or "is this a parody" or "this doctor can't spell lolz" don't bother voting.

If you are a new follower I promise to get you back when i can. Welcome to the #resitsance!
Ok everybody I know that tempers have flared up and some of that might have even been my fault. Everyone calm down and stop voting if you're just doing it to be mean to me. Thank you and have a nice afternoon.
#JoeBiden is starting to rally! It's going to be close!
Ok I think we got a pretty good sample size and there's only 9 hours left. Should we shut this down and call it a draw?
OMG overnight you #MAGAt russian twitter trolls wrecked my poll!?! When I fell asleep, Joe Biden had a comfortable lead and now he lost!? I can't use this in my champagn!
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