2. One is a Brampton rental car company owner CSIS alleges planned a terrorist attack in #India at the behest of Pakistan's ISI intelligence service.
3. The attack was allegedly thwarted in 2017 with the arrest of two men caught retrieving an arms and ammunition cache.
4. He is also described in the Canadian intelligence reports as having been involved in "fundraising in support of terrorist attacks overseas."
5. His business partner, who sits on the board of directors of a Vancouver credit union, is also described by CSIS as a terrorism facilitator.
6. Both denied the CSIS allegations.
7. But after reviewing their denials & weighing them against the CSIS case brief, the government decided to keep them on the no-fly list.
8. Despite the allegations, neither has been charged with any terrorism offences. The RCMP's response to @globalnews: https://globalnews.ca/news/7147226/secret-documents-csis-canadians-on-no-fly-list/
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