Former financial planner Gavin Fineff lost $8 million of his own and other people's money #gambling on racing and sports with three of the big online betting agencies. #abc730 @SteveCannane
Gavin Fineff says it took more than 3 years for @tabcomau to ask him for proof of his income. Instead of being asked if he could afford to bet tens of thousands of dollars a day, he was granted VIP status & offered incentives to gamble even more. His income was c. $130k. #abc730
In 2017 @AUSTRAC fined @tabcomau a record-breaking $45 million for not properly reporting suspicious betting. More than a year later the TAB finally asked Gavin how he could afford to make such massive bets. By then he’d lost close to $4 million. #abc730 #GamblingAddiction
Gavin Fineff claims he was called by a @ladbrokescomau representative after his betting account with TAB was frozen, and a staff member set up an account for him under a fake name. Ladbrokes' response to #abc730's questions was: "No comment". #GamblingAddiction
By March this year, Gavin had lost a staggering $8 million with @tabcomau, @ladbrokescomau and @BetEasy. How he accessed much of those funds is now the subject of investigation by NSW police. #abc730 #GamblingAddiction
Lauren Levin from @FCAupdate says really profitable losing gamblers "are traded like property” within the sports betting industry, and the practice of sharing and poaching phone numbers is unethical. #abc730 #GamblingAddiction
Gavin Fineff said he has a deep personal sense of shame, but is determined to speak out against what he sees as the predatory practices of sports betting companies who he says took advantage of his addiction. #abc730 #GamblingAddiction
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