Kamboj Dynasty who built most magnificent and max number of Temples:
Kamboj were descendents of Durhu the Son of King Yayati.
In Tenth century Kamboj became very powerful and huge.
They extended their empire from South East Asia over Cambodia and Annam(South Vietnam)
They replaced Hinduized kingdom of Funan which capital was Vyadhpur.
Funan was established by Brahman and Kanuajias in 1st century after defeating local Naga King.
Kamboj flourished till the end of 15th century and attained high level of cultural development.
They built nearly
200 temples in which Ankor Thom was largest.
This temple has beautiful statues of Hindu God, Godess and Apsara
Wall was carved by Ramayan amd Mahabharat scenes.
Later it got influenced by Buddhisht from Japan and Korea.
Ref-History of Ancient India, History of Medieval India
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