If you're into Indian wildlife, and looking for films on species, habitats and conservation, follow @RGSustain1 There's fun storytelling + updates on critical issues threatening India's wildlife + information condensed into beautiful graphics
There are stunning photo essays from the amazing @dhritimanimages and (even better!) voice notes with experiences and learnings from years in the field. This one is a favourite https://www.facebook.com/RGSustain/videos/820593288454690/
@thetoonguy uses art and humour as only he can to share cool animal facts and highlight important conservation issues. To read his column which both educated and entertains, go here https://round.glass/sustain/category/green-humour/
Many new, fresh voices too! (thanks @SejalMehta06 for reminding me!). Stories and films by young writers & filmmakers, notes from researchers and naturalists in the field, more local, regional voices. Results in wonderful inspiring stories. One I love https://round.glass/sustain/videos/bugun-forest-hope/
Of course, I might be biased (I am, I am!) since I work here. So please see and decide for yourself.
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