Good morning everyone! Amber hired a new PR agency because the old one probably abandoned the ship. Here is what you can expect PR wise.
I studied PR and i was an intern in a PR agency.
1) you saw this already. This here is a photo op not out of genuine support or love.this is to manipulate the public and again using #timesup wearing all black like everyone did back in 2018 at the Golden Globes since she is still trying to maintain the victim image
2) showing up to court to “face her abuser” like Epstein’s victims did when he was arrested.
3) there is a more subtle technique since this is the age of social media. When a public figure (i am talking in general she is not a PF) is facing major backlash from something they did. They use paid bots or their own interns to create accounts that tweet positive things
About them. Like their charity work or smear the other party involved in the controversy (if there is one) to try and destroy their credibility.
4) when a story comes out that is severely damaging to the client. The publicist releases a statement to deny whatever the story is. How to tell the difference between a PR stunt (lying) and telling the truth? In case of lying they’ll deny without any further explanation
Or will try to discredit the other party involved by leaking something about them or will make up a story that you can’t verify. If they are telling the truth they will provide strong evidence and will seek legal action if it’s something damaging
If the story we are talking about is something that they can’t deny and is actually true. They will try to put on a strong front and look unbothered by it and will leak stories to the press by “sources” that celebrity is confident and doesn’t care.. etc
Here is an example other than the JD and AH case. Ansel Elgort was recently accused of sexual assault. Instead of posting any receipts like the girl did he just tried to discredit her (RED FLAG he is guilty of something) i bet you a million dollars he is in full panic mode
Aside from legalities Ansel is starring in Disney’s West Side Story that cost Disney 100millions excluding marketing and ads costs.They wrapped up filming a long time ago and is set for release Dec. 2020 . You can imagine both parties are panicking.
5) when it’s her turn to take the stand and they ask her about any time Johnny “assaulted” her she will shed a tear or two inside the court or outside while her “solidarity sisters” are holding her. Again to gain public sympathy. If i think about smth else i’ll add to this thread
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