⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ 🥚 WHO IN ILAND 🥚

quote to answer ; there’s no right
answer ; just share your thoughts!
who’s the most likely to feel insecure about himself?
top 3 perfectionist applicants in your perspective
who’s actually a sweetheart but mnet just never show it?
who do you think is the dark horse?
name only one with a big potential
best leader goes to?
dancing king in iland?
who’s the social butterfly?
vocal king in iland?
the one who didn’t talk much but attract everyone’s attention?
who’s happy virus?
whose voice you want to hear more?
whose voice is the most likely to suit rap & vocal?
who’s the most fashionable one?
who’s the real baby of iland?
who has a good sense in humor?
who’s the most likely to be joking everytime?
name 3 aesthetic trainees in your perspective
name 2 trainees with a BIG HEART
the most caring trainee goes to?
who’s personality is the most similar with yours?
create a duo to show off their vocals ( _____ x _____ )
not talking about the attractive or stable vocal but who’s got the best technique of vocal?
who surprised you the most by his skill?
king of facial expressions?
we already had names of dancing kings but who do you think got the fascinating moves?
who’s the most likely to grab everyone’s (fans) attention just by himself alone?
who do you want to be in a same team?
who’s the all rounder?
the team will be much greater if there’s _________
who needs more appreciations for his vocal?
who needs more appreciation for his dancing?
not to be biased but who’s really charming and attractive?
who do you think is a good listener?
center material in your perspective?
name 3 hardworking trainees!
who do you think can pull off any concepts?
who do you want to be your bestfriend?
crackheads of iland
name 5 trainees to perform txt - runaway
7 trainees to pull off bts - boy in luv
pick vocal trainees to perform bts - spring day
who do you think is good in acting?
name adorable trainees
create a team consists of 7 trainees who do you think will be iconic
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