10 Lessons From @LifeMathMoney University
Lesson #1:

Don't "find" yourself, "make" yourself. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1200572670309482506
Lesson #2:

Whatever you want to cultivate in life, start today. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1141503438393622528
Lesson #3:

Never ask a friend for a discount. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1154755864911155200
Lesson #4:

Teach your children before someone else does. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1186197985820061697
Lesson #5:

Practice gratitude. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1247078617185759232
Lesson #6:

In general, people are for themselves, not against you. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1207216466090704896
Lesson #7:

Choose your friends wisely. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1199243953796780032
Lesson #8:

The internet amplifies your priorities. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1098937985733718016
Lesson #9:

Don't waste time explaining yourself to people who don't like you. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1197432054335655936
Lesson #10:

The simple pleasures will make you happiest. https://twitter.com/LifeMathMoney/status/1279332163314425856
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