1. In the early 2000s the demand for kids in child sex trafficking was higher than the supply. They needed newer/faster/more efficient ways to showcase the kids/products to their clients. 2009, Obama is elected as president. 2010 welcomes Kevin Systrom, creator of IG
I/In 2014 Terry McAuliffe, former co-chair for former president Bill Clinton is elected as governor in the state of Virginia. How is any of this connected? Before 2010, posting erotic images of children was considered a form of child pornography.
Today, we call them 'Instagram models'. Instagram quickly became a multibillion dollar company that provides funds for people like Obama and McAuliffe to get elected into political positions so their operations can continue.

From 2014-2016 children were brought by the thousands from overseas into Virgina. They used public restrooms as a meeting place to sell the children. Virginia citizens quickly saw the issue and expressed their displeasure of seeing an abundance of adult men with unwilling
children going into bathrooms. They proposed a law to only allow men into men's restrooms and women into women's restrooms but both McAuliffe and Obama stated any such law/bill would get rejected immediately. Thus, allowing clients to meet with their suppliers in public
rest areas with no fear of consequences. Obama winning had nothing to do with being the first black president but we celebrated that. Gender assigned restrooms had nothing to do with the LGBT community's rights but that was a huge victory. Paying photographers for posting
explicit sexual photos of kids has everything to do with sex trafficking but we ignore that since we like to post beach photos on IG and they have the coolest filters, so that's ok too. I'm gonna wake somebody up today 🤷‍♂️

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