Exclusive from @globalnews: the two page, hand scrawled letter written by Corey Hurren before he rammed through the gates of Rideau Hall talks about his deep financial trouble, alleges Canada is descending into a communist dictatorship and asks forgiveness https://globalnews.ca/news/7149667/corey-hurren-rideau-hall-incident-letter/
Hurren is frustrated over new gun laws, COVID19 measures, Parliament not sitting, government spending and accuses PM Trudeau and the Liberal govt of trying to turn Canada into a communist dictatorship and bankrupting the country #cdnpoli #Cdnnatsec
Hurren says he cannot abide "house arrest" under COVID19 for months more, that his livelihood has been devastated and he has no hopes it will rebound after COVID passes or for Canada's future.
Hurren says he fears every truck he hears drive by believing it is a repo team coming for his truck which he can no longer afford payments on. He says he must act now before his truck is repossessed (unclear if he means drive to Ottawa or ramming the gates)
Hurren apologizes to his family, friends and the Canadian Armed Forces for the trouble he has caused/will cause - he never lays out exactly what he means by that or what precisely he was planning.
Hurren claims he emailed MPs with his grievances but says they did not write back.
Hurren in letter says not looking forward to "another year or more" of "house arrest" appears to be referring to requirement for military members of Op Laser (COVID19 response to self isolate
Hurren (our refers to Ranger training) "With the announcement of our training not starting again until February now. Event 201 was planned to take place over 18 months... " (1/2)
Adding this to the thread too: Hurren texted his supervisor in the Rangers before his attack. He sent photos of his letter. Did not indicate target, timing or plan. His supervisor saw it minutes before he rammed the gates and called 911 to warn police
Hurren lists political grievances and then explicitly says he could not "sit back" and "watch it happen" and that he hopes this is a "wake up call." He calls Canada a "communist dictatorship" RCMP will be digging into that closely as INSET considers if terror charges to be laid
Hurren never says what "it" or "that" is in the letter - there aren't specifics on plans of attack, a target specifically etc... but two sources described the letter as like the last one a person would write. He's clearly saying he's going to act, just not when or how.
Experts are saying the letter raises questions about everything from extreme right wing ideologies radicalizing people for domestic terrorism, to how COVID19 is affecting political grievances and questions about mental health or an intersection of all of the above.
Hurren also describes his actions as an intended "turning point" for the country after listing his political grievances - pretty clear here he is saying he is acting on certain politics/policies he does't like (ie: anti-Trudeau/anti-Lib) to change direction of country.
Overall the letter has aspects of both personal issues and financial ones, combined with anger at the government over certain policies and a clear anti-Trudeau/anti-Liberal narrative and an indication he is going to do something to try to cause a change of course. #cdnpoli
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