2. "...the bank's failings included not scrutinizing payments to Epstein’s publicly alleged co-conspirators in sexually abusing young women; payments to Russian models; payments for women’s school tuition, hotel and rent expenses; direct payments to numerous women with...
3. ...Eastern European surnames (which were consistent with prior public allegations of wrongdoing); settlement payments totaling over $7 million, as well as dozens of payments to law firms totaling over $6 million for apparent legal expenses for Epstein and his co-conspirators."
4. Did you see that? All those events have been recorded. There are victim's names, incident dates and times AND CO-CONSPIRATOR information! Deutsche Bank has been in MANY digs with connections to MANY deep state players from MANY countries. They are dirty and complicit as hell!
5. "Deutsche Bank agreed to the financial penalties as part of a consent order with the Department of Financial Services “for significant compliance failures in connection...with Jeffrey Epstein and correspondent banking relationships with Danske Bank Estonia and FBME Bank,”"
6. As part of a consent order?

Consent for what?

Do you need consent to search bank's records? - Yes

Do you need consent to obtain account holder information? - Yes

Do you need consent to study transactions? - Yes

Or would the bank prefer a wide scope search warrant? - Nope!
7. This is huge news. Let's see where it leads! Powerful evil can be stopped once and for all. Imagine how many big money predators are shitting their pants rights now since one of the largest banks in the world has been fined for allowing these transactions to go un-scrutinized!
8. Deutsche Bank has seen some MASSIVE sell offs in the recent past by its owners. They're down 2.5% today as well. Perhaps because of this news? Is the connection being made by its investors, both good and bad? Here's a snapshot of its biggest owners.

9. When people with a lot of money start getting scared, it shows.

They never thought HRC would lose.

They never thought Epstein would go down.

Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested and days later, this. Coincidence?

When does a bird sing?



God bless,

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