percy jackson questions thread (qrt pls)
question 1: when did you first read the books? (dw no one will judge you do you just started)
question 2: what is your favorite pjo book?
question 3: what is your favorite hoo book?
question 4: who is your favorite of the 7 +reyna and nico?
question 5: who is ur favorite minor character?
question 6: which characters do you wish we could have seen interacting more?
question 7: who do you wish had a bigger parts in the books?
question 8: what character did you used to love but don’t anymore?
question 9: what character did you used to hate but don’t anymore?
question 10: have you seen/heard the musical?
question 11: favorite ship?
question 12: ship you used to like but don’t anymore?
question 13: ship you can’t stand/are indifferent about?
question 14: character you would defend to your grave?
question 15: who was the best villian?
question 16: what cabin are you in?
question 17: what cabin do you wish you were in but know it doesn’t fit?
question 18: who is the best god?
question 19: who is the worst god that needs to have their kneecaps removed?
question 20: unpopular opinions on the books?
question 21: did you see the movies or read the books first?
question 22: do you think the movies would be good if they’re weren’t based off the books?
question 23: what are your favorite friendships/trios?
question 24: what’s ur favorite rr series?
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