Wasn't that kind of a bombshell that FBI Deputy Director Sweeny dropped at the Ghislaine Maxwell presser last Thursday when he revealed they'd been 'discreetly keeping tabs' on her all this time?

That means they had some **reason** for finally moving in & taking her down now.
ICYMI, here's Sweeny saying that, that the FBI had known where Maxwell was all along:
So it's clear that **something** happened, there must have been some trigger event to compel the FBI and the NYPD to move from watching Maxwell & keeping tabs on her whereabouts...to taking her into custody.

I wonder what that trigger event was? 🤔
You know what? They had plenty of evidence against both Epstein AND Maxwell when they moved to arrest Epstein in July of 2019.

It's not like their investigation suddenly turned up a bunch of evidence that finally implicated Maxwell in the sex abuse in the last 12 months.
So why'd they arrest ONLY Epstein and leave Maxwell in the wind, while they discreetly kept tabs on her whereabouts, seeing who she met with, where she went, what she did?

Most curious...
Imagine you're one of the people Maxwell was MEETING WITH over the last year. Maybe helping move around, hide out and...whatever else she was involved in.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how ***FREAKED OUT*** would you be right now after Sweeny said they'd been spying on her?
And another thing.

Why the hell was she so determined to hide out **inside the US** for the past year.

She had the means to flee this country at any time. She had to have fake passports. She had millions of dollars in several different accounts.
Instead of bolting the US, she buys a 123-acre estate in New Hampshire for just over a million dollars this past December.

December 2019 was [checks calendar] 8 months ago.

So for 8 months the FBI has known she's been laying low in this 123 acre estate in NH.

Who doesn't think the phone calls and emails coming to/from that estate were being spied on?
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