Arsenal being fucked over by VAR {A Thread}
1) Disallowed winner against Palace for a foul “chambers”
2) Pepe’s knee nearly being snapped in half. Didn’t even go to VAR.
Cresswell going straight through the back of Pepe. Didn’t even go to VAR
Sheffield player clearly takes Pepe down in the box. Again, no call via VAR
Bukayo Saka getting taken down in the box against Sheffield. No call again via VAR
this one is funny because Salah got a call identical to this against us.
Watford clearly being in the 18 before the play is played which directly lead to a goal. Again, VAR seemed to miss this
This one isn’t necessarily VAR, but Jorginho should’ve been sent off for a second yellow. Keep in mind, Jorginho then went on to score the equalizer.
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