I see a lot of pushback to this but the letter is basically like hey please don't fire people or totally socially ostracize them for having questionable or fringe opinions. Disagree, but don't try to ruin their lives. https://twitter.com/Mediaite/status/1280544057538818048
I think the letter is correct. I think critics are right to point out some of the people on the list being complete, disgusting hypocrites and not actually abiding by the principles laid out in the letter (Bari Weiss, for example)...
Many on the left scoff at invocations of "free speech", namely because often times it's deployed disingenuously by pampered elites or right wing idiots to deflect any and all reasonable criticism. This needs to be pointed out...
but also, the principle of free speech is still vitally important. And if you oppose it don't be surprised when the left is first in line to feel the brunt of censorship, de-platforming, outrage mobs etc. When you question/ threaten power centers you're always a top target.
FB pulled down copwatch & an anti-war journalism page. Pro-Palestinian outlets are constantly smeared as anti-semitic & attacked on 'hate speech' grounds. Chomsky tours the country & calls America the #1 terror state. If you cant see why free speech is needed idk what to tell you
No doubt the right has bastardized "free speech" by invoking it as a shield to hide objectively wrong takes. It's a way to not discuss the actual argument & straw man dissenters as intolerant of disagreement. But we can both call this out & *actually* be proponents of free speech
I find those who openly disdain free speech fascinating bc I don't think they grasp the implications. The logic of cancel culture is dog-piling & firing everybody with a shit opinion. Enforced across the board wouldnt this mean that like 40% of the country should be fired? Lmao
Here's a hot take for everyone, I think the 1st amdt should be expanded to the work place. In the same way the govt can't jail you for speech your boss shouldn't be able to fire you for speech. This is actually the socialist position bc in a democratic workplace you have no boss!
Seriously, think about how many people lost their livelihoods bc they pissed off their boss by speaking their mind. This is a subtle form of tyranny that we just accept bc we're used to it. Doesn't make it any less tyrannical.
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