Many of you probably know @mpdillon for his great hair and/or his epic tweeting--those two things are admittedly pretty great. On his birthday, please indulge me a few additional highlights to add to the list. 1/?
He is THE favorite parent--hands down with the girls. I thought I had a chance with our son but now that he has shared his actual tools with our 2-yr old, I'm done for. In fairness, he has earned it by being an amazing dad every day--esp during a pandemic & presidential campaign.
He makes biscuits from scratch--from scratch people! Not to mention pancakes, waffles, insane homemade chocolate chip cookies...and 5 days out of 7 dinner for the kiddos--who have way more opinions than they should on dinner options.
He is the smartest person I know & basically knows something or a lot of somethings about everything. This comes in handy when running a presidential campaign, raising 3 children, creating adventures & traversing the unknown. It's less helpful when he is basically always right...
There is more but I'll end with this. He is the glue that holds our family together and for that I am both lucky and grateful. We might be on survival mode for the foreseeable future but survival feels possible with @mpdillon. Happy Birthday, we love you!
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