Way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the #nuclearban treaty: Fiji has just become the 39th state to ratify the #nuclearban treaty! 👏Congratulations @FijiMissionUN 👏 Fiji’s ratification is all the more important because of its experience of the impacts of nuclear testing.
Between 1957 and 1958, Fijian soldiers participated in 9 UK nuclear weapons tests at Malden and Kiritimati (Christmas) Islands. The Pacific region faced 300+ nuclear tests over half a century, which left a terrible human & environmental legacy.
Even today, the regions where the tests occurred remain unsafe to live, grow food, or go fishing. The tests have permanently displaced people & disconnected them from their traditional way of life.
Moreover, soldiers and civilians present during the testing have developed health problems because of exposure to radiation, which have also been passed on to their descendants.
Article 6 of the TPNW requires states to provide assistance to victims and take steps to remediate contaminated environments. This will have tangible benefits for those who have suffered the impacts of nuclear testing.
There could not have been a better way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the #TPNW’s adoption than with Fiji’s ratification! Congratulations, @FijiMissionUN and all the campaigners that made this happen! 👏🎉 #nuclearban
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