Tarot readers, energy DRAINING WARNING: Something I've observed since starting tarot for others is that the energy I had in the beginning doing free readings was literally just my own. It wasn't as overwhelming at the time because I was still learning. As my skills increased...
I noticed reading cards took a huge toll on my energy, made me irritable, doubtful, frustrated, anxious, and occasionally depressed. Headaches, nausea, and upset stomach often. It wasn't until I started requiring donations and then donations with a minimum that I noticed...
The change was significant. I was able to read much more clearly and not feel so tired or drained. I recognized this as a true energy exchange. So that's why I believe offering free services can be harmful to you.
I really struggled with this at the beginning but based on my experiences and how I ended up it's super important to be getting compensated equally because your energy DOES HAVE LIMITS. Energy has to be an equal exchange.
So money, currency is energy and that's why when you raise prices or begin charging reading tarot for others because much more substantiable after some time. It's an equal energy exchange and both parties are left with a full cup and you can be of more service.
This is just my observations and experiences tho everyone is different. What have yall notice or even better suggestions?
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