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🔘Democrats Trying to Erase Their Racist / Sexist Past; Projecting Ills on Republicans are No Longer Working

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[Quick History Lesson]
Let’s face it, the majority of #Hollywood are satanists.

At the 76th Golden Globe Awards, Christian Bale gets cheers after thanking S•atan for aspiring him for his winning role in “Vice.”

He is the stepson of feminist Gloria Steinem 🙄

The highest ranking officer to be killed in combat since Vietnam had his funeral on Thurs. The Pres., VP & Sec of Def chose not to attend. To make matter’s worse the pres was golfing at the time of the funeral.

@Tritter won’t let me share link👇😡 @POTUS @SenTedCruz
Obama had NO respect for our military! 😡
How many are aware of the bloody & extremely violent
Democratic National Convention of 1968?

Daley, who would become [Hussein] chief of staff, was a college student in 1968, & spent the convention at the side of his father, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

Sound familiar? 🤨
#Democrat party mascot(s)

Same demon > different names.
#Democrat Agenda
#OvertonWindow > masks to #Islam 🚨😡🚫
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