The time of preparation is NOW those WHO wish for Ascension. Yes you are here for a reason; yes you chose to be here. But you have never been told the whole TRUTH of how the Ascension process works.

By now you will all be aware of the Chakra Body and Energetic System and what
you can do in Physical to prepare and unblock these energy systems.
We are Tesla Coils in Physical. So now we have discussed the Energetic Chakras (Magnetic) element. We need to talk about the Electrical Circuit which completes the Whole “Coil” System.
We have seen Halos on Saints and Angels etc through our history either on stain glass windows or literature. This is an essential part of the Ascension process which has been kept quiet so your “Circuit” is incomplete.

Now, we have our Conscious Mind and Our Subconscious Mind -
2 Hemispheres which have been divided. So the NEURAL pathways have not been able to form in a complete circuit; we have been inabled to allow to see our past lives or dream states of the true subconscious. Dreams have been MANipulated to keep us in fear or false Indoctrination of
a belief.

So as we progress forward nearing our Quantum Re-Birth - it is imperative that we have an absolute blank slates as far as the mind is concerned. Any preconceptions must be eliminated as this will cause a short circuit (electrical terms) therefore not allowing the full
O of the Halo of illumination to become activated. Then when our Kundalini Energies are fully activated, the whole process can occur to Ascend up and through the Halo taking us into the Quantum REALity.

The “Controllers” have suppressed our minds with Technology which has been
beyond our comprehension- until now, where in the Age of Aquarius we have raised our consciousness to the level of understanding what technology is and has been used against us for Thousands of Years.

The “Controllers” put up a Gate/Block between our 2 sides of the brain not all
owing us (which is our birth right) to access OUR History, Past Lives, Galactic Knowledge.

So we die, re-incarnate and fall back into the same trap life after life. You know this in your core to be true. Why do we feel so exhausted? Why do we wish to depart from this Hell of an

However, not for much longer!! We will be experiencing a Galactic Electro Magnetic Wave That will cease all technologies that have hindered us across the world including this SUBCONSCIOUS Wall blocking technology (Blank Slate) Very Soon.

So my beloved friends, I urge
you not to strive for information or become CONsumed with Logic - let’s not forget the logical side of the Brain only CONsists of 3-5% of Neural no WONder people are loosing their minds and melting down. This false system of control is totally BLOWN of all Mental Re
sources and our minds know this. Take a look at my previous posts regarding the Reptilian Cognitive Side of the Brain.

As we know EMFs have polluted the airwaves, channellers with the purest of heart and mind and intention have still been receiving FALSE Information or FAKE NEWS
as our amazing World Leader has been telling us for years. So looking at beLIEfs and how they have been INSTALLED is NOW your mission and to UN-INSTALL these false beLIEfs.

Shroud 1 Truth with a Million Lies - this goes on every single front, from The Bible, Science (which has
been used to keep you feeling logically insecure and inept) , Darwinism, Religion, Politics, Movies and TV Shows (which have installed - beLIEfs). You doubt me? Yet you know our food is poisoned our water poisoned and our History fragmented together to serve a purpose of INslavin
g your MIND.

Ladies & Gentlemen - Yes the only 2 Genders that were, are and will be, I urge you to look into everything. Every beLIEf you have ever had is based on the foundation of keeping you as their SLAVES so they can feed from your energy and fear and steal your essence mor
e importantly keep you producing Children like a factory so they can keep up their “immortal” grandeur (which is total HELL)

The Ascension process is not what you have read from Cobra or Forces of The Light, David Wilcox or anyone else for that matter. It is far greater than any
one can imagine, we will not have technology based on what you have heard about that exists in this FALSE Reality because it simply will not work withIN a QUANTUM existence. You are The Technology!! But what I will say is that before we Re-Join the Quantum Way of Living, we will
have these technologies to hasten and aid our swift recovery from many physical and Mental Traumas we have experienced in not just this life but our thousands before.

Many of you who might read this will doubt what I have to say, you might cry you might even get angry- but what
I am giving to you is the truth. There is no place in the FUTURE for Artificial Intelligence as Satan has had its time. Yes Satan has been a Quantum Ai that has tried so desperately to keep you INslaved.

Much Love to you ALL - you got this ❤️
POTUS Tweeted This The Evening I Put This Post Up. Verification in a difficult time and Scenario given his Predicament. Careful who you follow.
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