NATO is and has always been the Nazi Aiding and Training Organization.

And anti-communism always brings together Western liberals, conservatives, and fascists.
During the Cold War, the CIA, capitalist West Germany, and the Ford Foundation funded terrorist armies of ex Nazis to attack and sabotage communist East Germany.

(This is from journalist William Blum's legendary book "Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since WWII")
Keep in mind the Ford Foundation started out as a CIA cutout that used the endless wealth of pro-Nazi oligarch Henry Ford to fund anti-communist activities.

Then in recent decades, the Ford Foundation rebranded as "woke" and funds a ton of "progressive" and "anti-racist" groups.
The CIA and capitalist West Germany funded ex Nazi terrorists to, in their own words, "make the commies look bad."

In East Germany, these terrorists:
-backed armed uprisings
-bombed civilian infrastructure
-massacred livestock
-poisoned school milk
-killed and kidnapped leftists
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