1) Epstein Flight Log Thread Part 2

Deep dive into the Flight Logs that have been updated with new unsealed records.
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2) The names included are from the Flight logs from the unsealed records and the source documents can be found here starting at page 464. For the maps in this thread, I have removed most initials, incomplete names, or ineligible names for clarity
4) People that flew the most were:
- Epstein
- Maxwell
- Sarah Kellen
- Emmy Tayler
- Nadia Marcinkova
- Pilots (Visoski & Morrison)

#GhislaineMaxwell #Flightlogs #WWG1WGA #Epstein
5) In my opinion - this is the real virus !

Now we'll focus on people that flew the most. If they were on the plane together, they will appear.

Jeff Epstein
6) Ghislaine Maxwell

(How long will she be alive?) Not a threat twitter assholes - a serious concern !
7) Sarah Kellen - I really hope you sing like a bird !

#Epstein #EpsteinFlightLogs #GhislaineMaxwell
8) Emmy Tayler - JE's assistant?
9) Nadia Marcinkova
10) Andrea Mitrovich
11) Jean-Luc Brunel (Showed unknown names)
12) Brent Tindall (Chef) Bet he saw a few things
13) Eva Dubin - why you gotta hand out your daughters like that?

14) Alan Dershowitz @AlanDersh
15) Clare Hazell-Iveagh
16) Gwendolyn Beck
17) President Bill Clinton
18) Sophie Biddle
19) Virginia Roberts (most outspoken and brave survivor IMO)
20) Who flew into Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas - to get to Little Saint James?
21) All "Known" names by the total trips per year - few minor errors.
22) All Destinations by Passenger count by Year
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