Fantasy AU where every year the 5 different kingdoms meet and the eldest son of each region participate in a tournament. Whoever wins can pick one thing from the other kingdoms to take as a prize.

This year Prince Bakugou wins and he starts collecting his prizes.
He takes rare medicinal herbs from the Uraraka clan, books from the Iida clan, gold from the Todoroki clan...

When he gets to Kirishima's clan the Prince points right at Eijiro. The redhead looks around then back at the prince confused.
The blond scowls, growling in a language Kirishima doesn't understand and then points directly at the redhead's chest.

A translator is brought out to talk to the prince as hushed murmurs fill the crowd.

"He says he's claiming you as his prize, Prince Eijiro"
Bakugou smirked and grabs Kirishima's upper arm, jerking the redhead towards him. Kirishima's father stands angrily, yelling objections while his mother stares in shock.

Bakugou's mother shouts back raising her fist and suddenly all the Kings and Queens are arguing.
"There's nothing in the rules against it"

"You can't seriously think I will stand by and let you savages steal my son!"

Kirishima's mother openly sobs as Prince Katsuki takes a couple steps back, dragging Kirishima with him.
"What are you doing?!" Eijiro hisses, knowing the blond doesn't understand but hoping the expression on his face is clear.
The blond cocks an eyebrow and then waves over his translator, whispering something in her ear and then pointing at Kirishima. Her face turns bright red and she turns to him.
"F-forgive me but he says you have big pretty eyes like a woman and your mouth looks like it was made to suck cock so he wants you to be his personal whore. Imsorrymylord."

Kirishima's jaw drops and he looks at Prince Bakugou's smug face.
"Hell no!" Kirishima shouts as he pulls his arm back "You can't be serious!"

Bakugou's smirk turns into a vicious glare and he gets in Kirishima's face, jabbing his finger into his chest with a growl.
"There's nothing in the rules against it, unless you want a war My King you must surrender your son to the Bakugou kingdom"
The blond grabs his arm again, getting an inch from his face and hissing something Kirishima didn't understand. His mother wailed as he was dragged away, the Kirishima side of the stadium erupting into confused and angry shouting while the Bakugou side cheered, victorious.
Kirishima was taken to a quiet room and Bakugou left him with a group of 5 servant woman. The blond gave them some instructions, made an obscene gesture at Kirishima that made the redhead furious, then left the room.
"Can anyone understand me?" Kirishima asks as the women gently began to strip his clothes off. None if them responded, one smiled apologetically as she undid the laces of his trousers and pulled them off.
Kirishima didn't resist. There really was no point. He would have to wait for his parents to come get him... If they came to get him.

He was the eldest son, but he wasn't the only son. His kingdom still had an heir... Kirishima shook his head. He didn't want to think that way.
The women combed his hair and braided sections of it, then dressed in his colorful red and orange fabrics that were almost completely see through. Everything was held in place by gold an copper jewelry.

...Bakugou really wanted his dressed like whore...
Kirishima didn't want to think about /that/ either. The thing the translator had told him now seeming more threatening that insulting.

He couldn't keep his heart from racing.
The women added on gold painted details, and black eyeliner, then lead him to an even bigger room with a bed that was covered in a mountain of soft furs.

The prince's room.

"W-wait already? No... I can't-" Kirishima turned and watched the heavy door shut behind the woman.
Kirishima assumed the prince would wait until they returned to his homeland before wanting to do... These activities...

The redhead chewed his bottom lip and looked out the window. The room was too high up to escape this way... Not that he could escape, that would start a war.
Kirishima was stuck.

The door opened and he jumped, covering his crotch with his hands. Bakugou walked in wearing nothing but a pair of loose brown trousers and a towel draped over his shoulders. His puffy blond hair damp.
Bakugou looked Kirishima up and down slowly, the redhead squirmed under his gaze. He nodded in approval and shut the door behind him, the lock falling in place with a loud clunk.

Kirishima swallowed hard.

"Pretty mouth" the blond said with a thick accent as he approached.
Kirishima backed up until his hit the stone wall behind him, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

"S-stay back!"
Bakugou kept walking towards him, invading his space. Kirishima didn't realize how big the blond was... Or maybe he felt small because he was practically naked.

The blond grabbed Kirishima's hand and held it against the wall then rubbed his bottom lip with his thumb.
"Pretty mouth, Eijiro" Bakugou whispered, his breath hot against Kirishima's lips, giving him goosebumps.
The redhead stopped breathing, his eyes wide as Bakugou leaned in closer. The blond's lips barely ghosted over his own when a loud banging interrupted him.

Bakugou spat what must of been a curse and stomped back towards the door, throwing it open.
On the other side are two knights from his kingdom and his mother, eyes swollen and red from crying. She pushed past Bakugou and threw her arms around Kirishima, crying hysterically into his hair.

The redhead kept his eyes on Bakugou, the prince's eyes burning with rage.
"My son, my son, what have they done to you? Have they hurt you? Why are you dressed this way?" Her words were slurred together and interpreted by little hiccups and sniffles.

"Mother it's ok, I'm fine" Kirishima said, his eyes still on Bakugou.
"We're still negotiating with them" she whispered loudly into his ear "we have until the end of the week to come to an agreement, but you have to stay here. The Queen said I could come see you..."
Kirishima was only half listening. Bakugou had his hands low on his hips, still holding his gaze. He didn't know why he couldn't pull his eyes away. Something about the way Bakugou was looking at him, like he was a possession not a person, something to be conquered on owned.
No one had ever looked at Kirishima like that before, he was a Prince. People barely looked him in the eyes at all, much less like this.
"I'll be back tomorrow" his mother said standing back.

She held his face in her soft hands, snapping him back to reality. He hesitantly broke eye contact with the other Prince so he could look at his mom.

"If they do anything to you, my son, there will be hell to pay"
One of the knights cleared his throat and his mother kissed Kirishima on the forehead, glaring at Bakugou as she walked out the door. The prince slammed the door behind her with a growl.

Bakugou turned back to Eijiro and motioned for him to come with his hand.
Kirishima didn't move, instead pressing himself harder against the wall and covering his mouth again.

Bakugou frowned and pulled a little piece of paper out of his pocket.

"You are mine" the blond read, then took a step closer "come, Eijiro"

He motioned with his hand again.
He must hve gotten the translator to write some simple phrases for him. Kirishima shook his head.

"I'm not yours, there are negotiations happening right now."

Bakugou made a face, glancing at his paper again then back at Kirishima.
"You are mine" he repeated pointing at the redhead and then himself "/mine/"
Kirishima shook his head and put his fists up "I'm not!"

Bakugou's eyebrows shot up and he smirked, saying something in his language and getting into a fighting stance.

A challenge. Shit, that's not what Kirishima meant.
The blond lunged at him before he had the chance to drop his hands and explain. Kirishima barely dodged, rolling to the side and running towards the door. It was hard to move in these clothes.

Bakugou grabbed him by the hair, braids unravelling as he threw him towards the bed.
Kirishima toppled over into the furs and the blond was on him in seconds, breathing heavily, eyes wild. Feral and savage.

No one ever handled Kirishima this way, not even during sparring practices.
The redhead roared as best he could, trying to match Bakugou's intensity as they grappled on the bed.
Their wrestling match ended with Kirishima pinned to the bed, arms folded behind his back and his face pressed into the mattress.
The redhead struggled against Bakugou's hold, feeling the blond tearing the bottom of his new outfit and using the strips of material to bind his arms together. When his arms were tightly secured Bakugou flipped him back and smirked, touching Kirishima's lips lightly.
"Pretty mouth" he breathed then repeated it in his own language.

Kirishima flushed and looked away.
Bakugou grabbed his chin and tilted his head back, leaning closer again.

"You are mine" he said, their noses brushing together.

Kirishima held his breath, eyes crossing as he tried to maintain eye contact with the prince.
Bakugou held his face steady as he stuck out his tongue and slowly dragged it over Kirishima's lips. It was hot and wet, touching so lightly it almost tickled.
Kirishima couldn't stop himself from letting out a soft moan. He tried to wriggle away but Bakugou held him tightly as his tongue made a second pass.

The blond tucked a strand of hair behind Kirishima's ear with his free hand before tracing it down his body.
Bakugou's touches were so gentle, the complete opposite of the way he acted normally. Kirishima didn't know how to react.

"Pretty..." the prince finished the sentence in his own language before carefully tugging on Kirishima's bottom lip with his teeth.
Bakugou let go of his lip and then wet his own before closing his eyes and leaning in slowly. Kirishima felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest.
There was a loud knock on the door and Bakugou cursed, crawling off the bed. Kirishima's eyes locked on to the prominent tent in the blond's shorts that he didn't bother to adjust before opening the door.
He yelled at the person on the other side for a moment before letting them in.

It was the flustered translator from before. Kirishima blushed, unable to cover himself when she glanced over and squeaked before looking away
"Forgive me, my lord, but the Queen says that you're entitled to a translator for this week while negotiations are in session" she said in a rush, focusing on looking at the wall behind him

Bakugou spat something, purposely bumping into the girl on his way back to the bed.
"What he say" Kirishima asked, blushing harder as the prince crawled over him as if they were still alone.

"H-he said that he wasn't expecting an audience but he'll make due"

"Tell him I don't like that!"
The girl quickly translated and Bakugou rolled his eyes before replying with a small smirk.

"He says that he doesn't care and you look more e-erotic when you're nervous"
the translator looked like she wanted the ground to swallow her up.

Kirishima felt the same way as Bakugou resumed touching his body.
Kirishima took a deep breath and looked directly at the girl

"J-just wait outside!"

"My Lord I was told-"

"Wait outside!" His voice slipping into a moan when the prince's teeth grazed ear
She jumped up, bowing quickly before heading towards the door. Bakugou stopped and looked up, saying something to the girl that made her pick up the pace.

When the door close the prince let out a breath, grumbling to himself before turning back to Kirishima.
The redhead wondered who would come through the door next, quietly praying that they were wearing armor because Bakugou might attack them.
The blond's patience was obviously wearing thin, his touches a little rougher than before as he pulled at Kirishima clothes and nipped at his skin.
He purred something into Kirishima's ear that made the redhead shudder. Bakugou smirked and kept talking, his hands grapped the gold chain holding Kirishima's outfit together and breaking it apart.
Kirishima did wish he knew what Bakugou's was saying, but he also knew he would be dying from embarrassment if that poor translator was still in the room.
Bakugou sat back on his knees, repositioning himself between the redhead's legs and scoured his body with his eyes.

"J-just get on with it!" Kirishima gasped, face burning.
The blond's eyes briefly flicked up to Kirishima's face. He smirked and clicked his tongue then went back to ogling every part of Kirishima that he usually had hidden under clothes.
Bakugou thumb brushed the small beauty mark his had on his inner thigh, close to his crotch. Too close to his crotch.

Kirishima yelped and jumped back, but the blond grabbed his hips and pulled him half into his lap.
"Mine" Bakugou thought for a moment before grabbing his cheat sheet out of his pocket "My prize, I want to look at you"
Kirishima turned his head to the side as he felt Bakugou spread his legs wider. The blond grabbed his chin and turned it back, his lip jutted out in a small pout.

"You look at me"
Kirishima's heart skipped a beat.

"Pretty" Bakugou said, letting go of his chin and touching the redhead's lips before turning his attention to his nipples.

The Prince licked his lips and traced circles around it with his thumb. Kirishima whined, arching into Bakugou's touch
He hummed in approval then continued down Kirishima's body, touching each dip of his abdominals, the line of his adonis belt. Bakugou groaned and lifted one of Kirishima's legs, hooking it over his shoulder so he could cup his ass.
"Pretty" the blond repeated, nipping at his thigh.

Bakugou was looking in places Kirishima rarely even looked at. He writhed under the intense red eyes, wishing the blond would do more than just look at him. At least when he was being kissed he was distracted.
Two fingers prodded at Kirishima's lips again, harder, trying to force their way in.

The redhead's eyebrows knit in confusion but he opens his mouth slightly and Bakugou shoves his fingers insides until they brushed his tonsils.

Kirishima gagged as the blond pressed down on his tongue.

Bakugou said something, then checked his sheet.

What was all written in that paper? Kirishima thought, his swallowing hard as he did what the blond asked.

Bakugou bit his lip, eyes half closed as he slowly dragged his two fingers in and out of Kirishima's mouth.

"Pretty" he mumbled.
Kirishima once again thought about what Bakugou had said earlier, and he shuddered. It still seemed like a threat, but it didn't fill the redhead with dread like it did before. Instead there was a different feeling...
Bakugou moaned as he pulled his fingers out of Kirishima's mouth a sting of drool still connecting his lips to the digits.
The red head bit his cheek and watch the blond's hand go lower and lower, thighs shaking, hands behind his back opening and closing. He had never had someone else touch his cock before, he was anxious and excited.
But Bakugou didn't stop at his dick, his hand past his throbbing length and moved between his legs. The prince's spit slick fingers pressed against his asshole.

Kirishima jerked back, eyes snapping wide open. Bakugou grabbed his hips to keep him from getting too far away.
"What a-are you doing?!" The redhead yelled, voice cracking.

Bakugou made a face that said 'what's it look like I'm doing'

"I'm not a girl! You-you can't do that!"
The blond rolled his eyes, groping one of Kirishima's pecs before flipping him onto his stomach and pushing his knees underneath him. He had never been in such an exposed position and he could feel Bakugou staring.
Kirishima buried his face in the furs and tried to think of something else, anything else. Bakugou was saying something, his voice softer than before as he kneaded his ass cheeks with his rough, calloused hands.
His cheeks were pulled farther apart as the blond shifted behind him. Kirishima held his breath and squeezed his eyes shut.
Then something hot and wet brushed over his entrance, way too small to be a cock like Kirishima had been expecting. He gasped and flinched away but bakugou held his hips in an iron like grip.

It touched him again, rubbing circles and prodding gently against him.
It felt... Strangely good. Kirishima moaned and relaxed in Bakugou's grasp.

Kirishima didn't fully realize what he was doing until the blond's teeth grazed his skin.
"W-why are you-" the redhead cut himself off with another moan, shuddering when he felt Bakugou's spit dripping down his balls.
He didn't know why the blond would want to put his tongue there, but it felt so good. Kirishima pushed back against his face and he could feel Bakugou smirk.
This time when Kirishima felt the blond's fingers circle around his entrance he didn't pull away. Bakugou breathed more soft words against his skin as he pressed his fingers into him.
The redhead's moan was overshadowed by a loud knock on the door.

The prince roared in frustrated, pulling his fingers out of Kirishima and getting off the bed while muttering curses.

Kirishima looked back just in time to see Bakugou pull a large knife out from under the bed.
He gasped and flipped back over, pulling his knees up to hide his erection as Bakugou flung the door open.

Kirishima didn't envy the poor knight that had to endure Bakugou's wrath. The blond's angry yells, echoing off the walls as he pointed the knife right at the man's chest
Bakugou screamed for about a solid minute before he turned back and jammed the knife into the door. The knight and the red face translator followed the prince back into the room.

"Come, Eijiro" the blond grumbled.

"What's going on?" Kirishima asked the translator.
"T-the Queen requested her son's presence for dinner and extends the invitation to you" she said "but the prince needs to get ready and you... You can't go dressed like that"

Bakugou crossed his arms and spat something back at her.

"The prince disagrees with that last part"
Kirishima glared "I'm not meeting the queen like this"

"R-right, Sero will escort you back to your temporary quarters and some servants will help dress you"

Bakugou's jaw clenched and growled something to the girl before grabbing Kirishima's arm and helping him off the bed.
"What about you?" Kirishima asked as the blond began untying him.

"The prince wants me to stay and help him with his... Notes" she didn't sound pleased.
Bakugou put his hands on Kirishima's hips and ground his cock against his ass, whispering something in his ear before pushing him towards the knight.

"Mine" the prince snapped, glaring at Sero before dismissing them with his hand.
Sero shook is head and lead Kirishima out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"The prince thinks only with his cock" the knight grumbled as he started down the hall back towards the room from before.

"You can speak my language?"
Sero shrugged "a little. Mostly the things the Queen says"

Kirishima's eyebrows shot up.

"The Queen says 'cock'?" He asked

"She is quite vulgar" Sero laughed "you'll see"
He opened the door for Kirishima before standing guard outside. The redhead thanked him quietly and was dragged into the room by the woman who had dressed him earlier.
They fussed over his ruined outfit and hair, pulling it all off before finding new clothes for him to wear. Kirishima recognized enough of the words they grumbled to know they were complaining about the prince.
One of the women rebraided his hair so tightly it almost hurt while the others helped him into white trousers and thick brown boots. Some of the fabric he had been wearing earlier was wrapped around his waist and secured with a leather belt.
They didn't give Kirishima a shirt, instead painting intricate tribal designs all over his chest and back. They put a full sleeve of armor from his kingdom on his right arm, his family crest had been crossed out in red paint.
It reminded Kirishima how he got here.

His other arms was decorated with the jewelry he had on earlier plus more. There were at least two rings on each finger, ten bracelets over a thick golden wrist cuff.
One of the women opened a little box and pulled out a red dragon claw, half had been dipped in gold. The other four women held into Kirishima's arms and legs as she forced it through his ear lobe.
The redhead grit his teeth, tears picking the corners of his eyes as they cleaned the wound with alcohol.
The last thing they did was fix his eyeliner and then ushered him out of the room. Sero looked Kirishima up and down.

"They pierced your ear" he commented as he started down the hall.
"They did" Kirishima responded, his fingers ghosting over the sore spot "does it mean anything?"

"It does but I don't know the word"

"Oh" he stared at the ground, the sound if his boots on the stove echoed through the hall.
He hoped it didn't mean disgrace like it meant in his kingdom.
Sero took him into a huge ballroom with a huge table in the middle. A crowd of people lined the walls, shoving and pushing to see as Kirishima followed the knight, head down, toward a platform at the far end of the room that had the other prizes the prince won on top.
Sero help him up and Kirishima sat down in a short chair in the middle of all of it.
A trumpet sounded off and a hush fell over the crowd. Kirishima looked up and watched people file in in pairs, covered head to toe in fluffy furs and sparkling jewelery.
They stood behind chairs at the table, waiting quietly until the queen entered with the king. She looked just like Bakugou, her hair just slightly fluffier with one long braid that ended just shy of her hip.
She walked gracefully though the room to a throne just in front of the platform.

The prince came in last with the translator and a groups if servants who were still in the process of dressing him.
His outfit looks a lot like Kirishima's but in reverse, left arm covered in armor but from his own kingdom, the right covered in jewelry. His servants were trying to secure a red cape lined with white for to Bakugou's shoulders, but the blond was being difficult.
He scanned the crowd until his eyes fell on Kirishima and a huge smirk stretched across his face.
Bakugou's waved his servants away and made his way to the platform, the crowd murmuring when he climbed on top and grabbed Kirishima's arm.

The blond had a fresh piercing too. That made Kirishima a little feel better.

"/Katsuki/" the queen hissed, glaring at her son.
Bakugou tightened his grip on Kirishima's arm and glared back, saying something in a tone that no one should use to speak to a queen, then he jerked the redhead so close their hips were touching.

The Queen shook her head and turned to address the crowd while Bakugou led Kirishima to the table. He spat as a green haired man, stole his chair and pushed Kirishima into it then sat next to him.
When the man pulled up anither chair Bakugou growled at him like an animal and dragged Kirishima closer, the chair screeching loudly against the floor. Everyone's eyes snapped to them and Kirishima flushed.

"Katsuki!" The Queen snapped, slapping her son on the back if the head
"I apologize for my son's behavior. He thinks with the wrong head" the Queen said to Kirishima.

"I-I noticed..." he hoped that didn't sound rude.

"Get used to it, make it fast. Negotiations are not going well for you."

Kirishima flinched and sunk lower in his chair.
"Plus going back now would be a shame in your family's image" the Queen said, holding a goblet up for a servant to fill with blood colored wine "piercings mean shame in your kingdom, do they not?"
Kirishima nodded.

"That wasn't my son's intention but I felt no need to correct him. Giving you up would be seen as a sign of weakness. I didn't want you here and my son has put me in an awkward position, but I won't back down so easily."
Kirishima nodded again. The prince put a finger under his chin and tilted it back up.

"Eijiro..." he finished the sentence in his own language but his tone was soft and reassuringly.

The Queen rolled her eyes "he refused to learn your language before and now I know why"
"What? What do you mean?"

"You can't turn him down if he can't understand your no" she said, taking a long sip of her wine.
Bakugou said something and the two started bickering. Kirishima didn't know what to do. He caught eyes with the king who smiled sympathetically, and he wondered if the Queen claimed the king the same way Bakugou claimed him.
Another trumpet sounded and the room filled with the smells of freshly cooked meats and other foods. Dozens of servants filed in, carrying ridiculously large platters piled high with dishes Kirishima had never seen before. It all looked amazing. His stomach growled loudly.
Bakugou squeezed his thigh and waved one of the servants over. Kirishima had to duck out of the way to make room for a whole boar to be placed on the table in front of them.
People started digging in so Kirishima reached for the nearest plate, but Bakugou grabbed his wrist and put it back in his lap. The prince then filled his own plate, grabbed Kirishima's face, and pushed food into his mouth, the blond's fingers going deeper they needed to.
Kirishima groaned without meaning to, forgetting where he was for a moment and letting his eyelids droop and muscles relax as Bakugou's fed him, bite after bite. The blond mumbled praises in a mix of their languages.
The Queen cleared her throat and Kirishima shot up, sitting straight.

"Maybe you'll want to stay for other reasons" she said, grabbing her husband's face and feeding him in a similar manner.
The redhead lowered his head and she laughed "it's not an insult, I just didn't think you'd give in to my son so easily"
Kirishima frowned and Bakugou pressed his lips against his ear.

"Ignore. We leave soon."
"The way you fight in the tournament each year made me think you had a spine" the Queen continued, her glass was refilled and she took another sip "and my son can't talk to you so it's not if he said something to sway you"
Kirishima clenched his hands and tried to keep his breathing even.

"This is... A delicate situation. I am trying to be respect-"

The Queen snorted and laughed "Weak willed people. No wonder they allowed their first born, the /heir/, to be taken."
Kirishima stood abruptly, slamming his armored fist on the table.

"my people are not /weak/!" He said through gritted teeth

"They haven't given me any reason to believe otherwise"

"You're the ones manipulating the rules, we are simply following"
"If you had tried to take my son I would've slit your throat."

"One man isn't worth the death of thousands in war."

"Really? Tell that to your father tomorrow when they come for negotiations"

"I /will/"

"Then you stay willingly?"

The Queen smirked and stood, raising her glass to her people. Whatever she said caused her people to cheer and Bakugou to look up at him with wide eyes.

It took Kirishima a few seconds to realise what he just agreed to do.

"Welcome to our family, Prince Eijiro" The Queen said
The rest of the dinner was a blur, people coming up and patting Bakugou on the back, the Queen smirking at him while her son fed him. Servants ran by, gathering supplies in preparation for the royal family to return to the main castle in the heart of the Bakugou kingdom.
And Kirishima was going with them.
A translator whispered in his ear that they would send someone to gather his things in the morning and he would be able to say goodbye to his family when they arrived for negotiations, but he barely heard them over the sounds of the celebrations around him.
Bakugou stood before the plates where cleared and picked Kirishima up, throwing him over his shoulder like a sack of patotoes. The crowd hooted and hollered as the blond carried him out.
Bakugou didn't set back down until they were in his room again, the blond said something to the knight outside his door before locking them inside.

He took off the armor and threw it carelessly on the floor then moved on to the jewelry on his other arm.
Kirishima did the same, but when he go to the rings on his fingers Bakugou stopped him, bringing the redjead's hand to his mouth and slowly pulling them off with his teeth, holding eye contact the whole time.
The room was suddenly too hot.

"Pretty" Bakugou's hands were all over Kirishima, backing him up until his knees hit the bed "Mine, only mine"
"Katsuki..." Kirishima gasped as the prince leaned into his, their chest pressing together as they toppled onto the bed.

"No more interruptions" he groaned, hooking one of Kirishima's legs on his hip and thrusting.
The redhead threw his head back with a moan, their clothed erections rubbing together.
Kirishima was riled up from earlier and the wine from dinner, he wanted more from Bakugou, whatever the blond would give him. He whined as Bakugou held his chin and licked his lips again, the blond's tongue barely dipping into his mouth.
Kirishima got the slightest hint of how the prince tasted and he reached up, fisted his blond hair and pulled him back down. Their tongue slid against each other and Bakugou moaned, nails digging into Kirishima's skin as he sped up his hips.
It was Bakugou who broke the kiss with a gasp as Kirishima chased after him with his lips, eyelids fluttering as he felt a fire light in his stomach.

"F-faster" the redhead breathed, reaching under Bakugou's arms and clawing at his back "more please /fuck/"
The blond grit his teeth and sat up, pulling a small blade from his boots and cutting off Kirishima's belt, then he put the hilt of his knife in his mouth and tore the red head's pants open.
"Holy shit" Kirishima whimpered, watching as Bakugou did the same to himeslef and toss the knife aside.

"Mine, Eijiro, mine" he said, his voice a gravely hiss as he spit into his hand and grabbed Kirishima's cock.
The blond put his index finger in his mouth, sticking it up before pressing it into Kirishima's ass.
He groaned, eyes rolling into the back of his head as Bakugou pumped his finger in and out of his in time with his stokes. The blond's finger swirled inside him, feeling his inner walls, searching for something...
Then Bakugou hit something that set fireworks off behind his eyelids. Kirishima screamed, trying to squirm away from the new overwhelming sensation, but the prince let go of his length and held him down.
"Be still" Bakugou command, adding a second finger and hitting that spot over and over.
Kirishima moaned, fisting the sheets and wrapping his own hand around his leaking cock. He opened his legs wider for Bakugou as he jerked himself in time with the prince's fingers, like he had done before.
"Katsuki!" The redhead groaned, his whole body convulsing has he was hit with the most intense orgasm of his life.
Bakugou let his fingers slide out and Kirishima collapsed into the furs, eyes half closed, in a daze. The prince caressed his cheek with one hand and ran his fingers through the cum on Kirishima's stomach with the other.
"Good Eijiro" Bakugou purred, sticking his cock with the redhead's spend "Pretty Eijiro"
Kirishima squeaked when he felt the tip press against his hole and the blond shushed him before kissing him gently. The redhead squeezed his eyes shut, holding his breath as he felt pressure between his legs.
"/Katsuki/" the Queen's voice yelled through the door accompanied by a loud banging and cursing.

Bakugou buried his face in the crook of Kirishima's neck and yelled in frustration, then covered the redhead with a blanket and wrapped some furs around his waist.
The blond flung the door open and argued loudly with his mother. After a couple minutes if screaming and another slap upside the head, Bakugou stood aside and let the queen push the poor translator from before into the room.
She made eye contact with Kirishima and tugged at her hair.

"The Queen says I have to stay and translate for you until you learn their language"

"Oh... Great..."
Bakugou POV
-earlier that day-

"And you're /sure/. If you're fucking wrong Deku I swear to the /gods/..."

"I- I'm sure Kaachan, there's nothing against it but-"

"Good" Bakugou smirked and pushed past Midoriya to claim his prizes from the other kingdoms.
It had taken him 3 years to beat prince Todoroki, 3 years of planning and training. Everything lined up perfectly.

Bakugou walked up to prince Kirishima, looked him in his dumb perfect face and pointed at him. His eyes grew wide with surprise and he looked behind him.
"I want you, idiot" he snapped

The translator was sent over and Bakugou pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You want the prince?!"

"Yes. I can claim what ever I want, I pick him"

The translator squirmed and relayed the message to Kirishima.
The redhead made a face and Bakugou grabbed his arm.

"You have pretty eyes" he grumbled "a-and lips... And I want you to be mine."

The translator made a face.

"Tell him I want him to be my whore" the blond snapped
Kirishima looked scandalized and he yelled something back, pulling his arm away. Bakugou scowls, glancing at the crowd before getting into the redheads face.

"You're /mine/" he hissed pulling Kirishima towards him "I earned this, I earned you"
The Queen from the Kirishima kingdom started crying hysterically and Bakugou felt his stomach twist. He forgot about their feelings. Kirishima came from a large family, three other brothers and at least two sisters (Bakugou saw them once a few years ago)
'They'll be fine without him' Bakugou thought holding onto Kirishima's bicep tighter
"My prince is this him!?" One of his servants asked "You really did it!"

"Yeah it's him, shut up Mina"

"How do you want him?" Mina asked with a suggestive grin.

"How do I- make him comfortable, don't you have anything like he's wearing now?"
"That's no fun"

"Fine. Do what you want"


Bakugou click his tongue and left, calling his translator as he stomped towards the baths.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Jirou... I need you to translate some things for me..."
Bakugou dried his hair on his way to his temporary quarters. Jirou had been called away about ten minutes into their translations so the blond was only able to learn a few phrases.

"Per-i-tee" he mumbled to himself, glaring at the cheat sheet she had hastily written for him.
Bakugou picked up his pace. He wanted to get changed and see Kirishima as soon as possible, maybe should him around before the celebration feast. He hoped Mina wasn't harassing him too much...

The blond shoved his notes his in pocket and opened the door.
Bakugou froze when he saw Kirishima in his room, his heart leaping into his throat as he looked the other Prince up and down. He could see everything, Kirishima's soft, firm pecs, his defined abdominals, his co-
The blond swallowed hard and nodded to himself trying to wrap his mind around the fact that the prince had allowed himself to be dressed like this.
That must mean something right? Bakugou took a step closer, his eyes locking onto the redhead's supple lips.

"Pretty mouth" he breathed
Kirishima covered his mouth and Bakugou's attention snapped back to his eyes. The prince was shy, how cute. The blond gently moved his hand out of the way and brushed his thumb over the redhead's bottom lip, it felt so soft.

"Pretty mouth" he repeated, his heart racing.
Kissing him wouldn't be inappropriate, right? Bakugou had already waited this long...

There was a loud knock on the door and Bakugou cursed, realizing what he was doing. He was moving too fast, he wasn't thinking straight.
The blond stomped towards the door and flung it open.

"Took you long enou-"

Kirishima's mother shoved past him and ran towards her son. Bakugou was taken aback by her appearance, her face leaking from every opening, eyes puffy from crying.
Mitsuki would never let herself look weak in front of anyone.

He stared at her back for a moment before Kirishima caught his gaze and held it. The other prince's pupils were blown wide and he was flushed. His eyes were full of desire and Bakugou had made him feel that way.
Even with his weeping mother holding him, Kirishima was only looking at Bakugou. The blond's cock stirred in his trousers, he couldn't look away.
The Queen kissed her son and left, glaring viciously at Bakugou, he went to close the door behind tgem but it slammed shut in its own. He guess he deserved that.
Now he was alone with Kirishima and he had never been more aroused before... He needed to get out of this room before he did something stupid. A low whine escaped his lips as he turned.

They could go on a walk, he'd show Kirishima around like he wanted to.
Bakugou motioned for Kirishima to come with him but the redhead covered his mouth again and shied away. The blond frowned, maybe that hand motion meant something different to him.
He pulled out his piece of paper, scanning through his limited phrases to find something reassuring to say.

"You are mine" Bakugou read.

No one else would touch him or look at him, he was safe here.

"Come, Eijiro"
Kirishima shook his head no and said something back, his tone uneasy.

Did the other Prince not trust him?

Bakugou made a face, maybe he just misunderstood.

"You are mine" the blond pointed to himself for emphasis "/mine/"
Kirishima shook his head again and put his fists up. Bakugou raised his eyebrows.

Oh, a challenge. The redhead wanted him to prove himself. A smirk stretched across his face. He could do that.
Bakugou lunged at him and Kirishima dodged, heading towards the door. He was just barely able to grab him, throwing the redhead onto the bed so he didn't hurt himself on the hard floor.

Kirishima roared at him and Bakugou heart skipped a beat. He was so strong.
The blond didn't know what ended a challenge in Kirishima's Kingdom, because the red head kept struggling even after he pinned him down.
Bakugou tried his arms and flipped him onto his back. His breath hitched when he looked down at Kirishima, skin glistening with sweat, his red hair a wild mess around his head.

Oh shit...
"Pretty mouth" Bakugou mumbled, in able to stop himself from touching Kirishima's lips "how it possible for someone to look like this..."

The redhead blushed and looked away. Did he understand some of what Bakugou was saying? The blond turned his head back to face him.
"You are mine" Bakugou whispered, rubbing their noses together to be clear
He wanted to taste him... A little fooling around would be ok, right? Bakugou held Kirishima's face still and licked those sinful lips slowly.

The soft moan the other Prince let out when straight to his cock. He needed to hear more of those sounds.
Bakugou licked him again, his hands wandering around Kirishima's body if their own accord. His skin was so smooth and soft but his muscles were hard underneath.

"Pretty..." Bakugou said to keep himself from moaning "I want you so badly it hurts, I want you to feel good"
He leaned in to press their lips together when another knock interrupted them. Bakugou cursed and crawled off Kirishima, ignoring his own arousal as he opened the door.

"Where the fuck have you been Jirou!?" Bakugou yelled
"With your mother, obviously... What have you been up to" she trailed off, glancing down before back at the blond's face.

"Mina sent him to my room after she dressed him..."

"She what?" Jirou walked in and squeaked "she did!"
She said something to Kirishima in a rush and Bakugou bumped into her on his way back to the bed.

"I wasn't expecting anyone to be with us when we're alone, but I'll make due." He said sarcastically crawling back on top of Kirishima.

"He says he doesn't like that"
"It's a /joke/, he's more erotic when he's nervous" Bakugou said rolling his eyes with a smirk
He didn't have to look at Jirou to know what face she was making when he put his hands back on Kirishima, winking quickly so he understand what Bakugou was doing before he lean down and nipped at his ear.

It was so easy to mess with Jirou, she made it so easy.
Kirishima said something and Bakugou chuckled to himself. So the redhead was playing along, he wished he knew what he was saying. The other Prince even moaned, perfect.

The sound of footsteps made Bakugou sit up "Where are you going?!"

Jirou hurried out of the room.
"Huh strange..." then Bakugou flushed "did you send her away? You want to be alone with me?"

He swallowed hard and started touching Kirishima everywhere his hands could reach, sucking and nipping at his skin. If this is what the redhead wanted, Bakugou would give it to him.
The blond's lips ghosted over Kirishima's ear.

"I'm going to make you feel good, Eijiro" he purred, smiling when he felt his lover shudder underneath him "I'm going to make you feel so good, I'll make you feel like this everyday"
Bakugou reached between them and broke the thin gold chain holding Kirishima's outfit together, making a mental note to yell at Mina for putting him in such a scandalous outfit.
He sat back so he could look at Kirishima's body. It was almost too much for Bakugou to handle, he was close to cumming in his trousers like a boy.

The redhead snapped something at him and Bakugou glanced up at his flushed face. Kirishima's expression wasn't helping.
They were both flustered this would no doubt be both their first. Bakugou smiled reassuringly and turned his attention back to Kirishima's body, touching a beauty mark on his inner thigh, a mark only Bakugou was allowed to see.
Kirishima yelped and shied away, but Bakugou pulled him back into his lap.

"Mine" the blond said, then paused for a moment before grabbing the notes Jirou has left for him "my prize, I want to look at you"

They would go slowly, Bakugou didn't want to disappoint him.
Kirishima turned his head to the side, his face as red as his hair. Bakugou felt himself blush too, hopefully the other Prince wouldn't notice. He had claimed Eijiro, he had to take the lead.

Bakugou grabbed Kirishima's chin and turned his face back towards him.
"You look at me" he breathed, his voice wavering slightly as his heart pounded loudly.

"Pretty" Bakugou said, wishing he knew more words to describe Kirishima.

His fingers brushed over his soft lips and trailed down to his chest.
Mina has insisted on giving Bakugou "bedroom tips" almost everyday since he turned 16, now he was grateful for his servant's advice.

The blond swallowed hard, licking his lips as he traced around Kirishima's nipples with his thumbs.
The redhead arched into his touch with a whine and Bakugou released the breath he didn't realize he had been holding. His hand wandered all over Kirishima's body with renewed confidence.
Kirishima's body is fucking sinful, lightly tanned and toned, his skin soft from years if pampering but muscles hard underneath. Bakugou groaned as his hands travel lower, hooking one of Kirishima's thick legs over his shoulder so he can grope the prince's ass.
As soon as they got back to the kingdom Bakugou was going to get a sculptor to carve a statue of his prize.
But first...

"Pretty" Bakugou mumbled to himself, nipping at the perfect skin as he pushed two fingers against Kirishima's plush lips "open"
The redhead frowned slightly but did what Bakugou asked, and he thrust his fingers deep into Kirishima's hot, wet mouth. Bakugou had to suppress a groan as he pushed down on Kirishima tongue, feeling the other prince's spit pool around the tips of his fingers.
Kirishima gagged when Bakugou eagerly pressed a little deeper, brushing against his tonsils.
"Sorry" the blond said breathlessly, pulling back slightly and looking his cheat sheet. He couldn't remember the equivalent so Bakugou just said the first thing on the list with an "s" sound.
Kirishima's cheeks turned a darker shade of red and he swallowed, his tongue sliding against Bakugou's fingers as he gently sucked on them.

/oh god/
The blond bit his lip hard, hoping the pain would keep him from cumming in his pants as he dragging his fingers in and out of Kirishima's mouth.
Bakugou's eyelids drooped as he focused on the feeling of the redhead's mouth and his tongue swirling around his digits.

"Pretty" the blond mumbled
Kirishima's mouth was so hot and wet, his tongue soft under Bakugou's calloused fingers. The blond moaned as he pulled them out. There was a small 'pop' when Bakugou broke the suction, he almost shoved his fingers back in since the redhead liked it so much.
But he wanted to give the prince more.

Bakugou hoped Kirishima didn't see how his hand trembled when he moved it between the other boy's legs, eyes focused on Kirishima's face as he felt around blindly for his entrance.
Kirishima's eyes blew wide and he flinched away.

Bakugou must've missed or something... The blond clicked his tongue and grabbed onto Kirishima's hop to keep him still whule he tried again.
Then the other prince was yelling at him, face red, voice cracking. Bakugou try to shoot him a reassuring look but it probably turned into some sort of grimace. He was nervous too.

He grabbed Kirishima's pec and squeezed, trying to calm himself before flipping the redhead over.
The spot on Bakugou's fingers would be too cold now and he didn't want to get up to get oil, he didn't have to words to explain those actions and he couldn't just leave in the middle of things.

He pushed Kirishima's knees under his own body, and stared at the prince's entrance.
It fluttered and clenched as the redhead shifted. Bakugou could feel himself drooling.

He grabbed onto Kirishima's soft cheeks, suppressing a shudder.

"I'll make you feel good so you can relax" Bakugou mumbled leaning closer with his tongue out.
He had never done this before either but Mina had been... Very detailed in her explanation on how to do this. Bakugou couldn't look Sero in the eyes for weeks afterwards.

Tentatively he licked a stripe over Kirishima's hole. The redhead gasped and tried to squirm away.
Mina had told him repeatedly that this kind of reaction wasn't a bad thing.

"They'll do it even if it's feels really good!" She had explained, holding Sero's hips in a death grip "hold 'em tight and keep at it!"

Bakugou grimaced at the memory but was grateful for the advice.
He pulled Kirishima's hips back against his face and tried again gently. The prince moaned and relaxed and Bakugou pulled him even closer, teeth ghosting over his skin as he attempted to push his tongue inside him.
Kirishima shuddered, saying somethings that Bakugou didn't hear over the sound of his heart pounding. He did his best to move his tongue the way Mina had showed him, smiling when he felt the redhead push back against his face.
Mina was right, they did squirm even if they liked it. Maybe Bakugou should've started with this.

He collected some of the spit that was dripping down Kirishima's thighs with his fingers.
"relax" Bakugou whispered, rubbing his fingers around the other prince's entrance before pushing them in slowly.

Kirishima's moan would've pushed Bakugou over the edge if there hadn't been a knock at the door.
/so many interruptions/ Bakugou thought and he groaned in frustration.

He pulled his fingers out as he climbed off the bed, looking at the spit shining on them before wiping them on his leg and pulling out his knife.
Bakugou wasn't going to use his knife of course, but he wanted Kirishima to know that he was prepared to protect him just in case.
He flung the door open to reveal Sero's smug face.

"Having fun, /your majesty/?"

"shut the fuck up, soy sauce face" Bakugou snapped, pointing the knife at his armored chest "Where have you been? You were supposed to take Kirishima after Mina finished dressing him!"
"I'm not your guard, I'm your mother's" Sero said, throwing his hands up "She called me away, there was nothing I could do"

"Liar! I smell perfume on you. Did Mina dump the prince here so she could sneak around with you? You're a piss poor knight"
"Calm down it's the Queen's perfume"

"It better not be"

"Not like that! I would never."

"What the fuck do you want anyway!?"

"I'm here to collect you for /your/ feast, or did you forget about that. The Queen said you could bring the prince too"

"She said you could bring the prince"

"Bring him? This whole thing is /for/ him, she knows that!"


"I knew I couldn't trust that fucking hag! This whole thing is for him. He's not just... This is for him!"

Bakugou cursed before jamming the knife deep into the door.

"Come Eijiro" the blond said, annoyed.

The redhead and Jirou exchanged a few words that Bakugou didn't understand.

"You better not tell him this is an invitation. You don't get invited to things that are for you."
"Right..." Jirou said then continued what she was saying to Kirishima.

The prince scowled. Good, he was just as offended about his mother's rudeness as Bakugou was.
"He needs a new outfit... I ruined his old one." Bakguou said, helping Kirishima up "Jirou, stay with me. I need a better cheat sheet. Yours didn't help at all."
Bakugou watched impatiently as Kirishima and Jirou exchanged words. He hated not being able to understand them.

"Be quick, no funny business" The blond growled, helping Kirishima off the bed "Don't make him do anything he doesn't want to"
He grabbed the redhead's hips, pressing his body against him with a small sigh.

"It's only for a little while, I'll see you soon" Bakugou mumbled into the prince's ear, but the reassuring words were more for himself.
He pushed Kirishima towards Sero, throwing his knight a glare.

"/mine/" Bakugou said before he watched them leave.

The blond stared at the door for a few moments before turning his attention to Jirou.

"I need a better cheat sheet"
"This wouldn't be a problem if you had just learned his language" Jirou argued, moving to sit on the edge of the bed before deciding against it.
Bakugou sneered at her "That wasn't an option for me and you know it. Right now you're my only option even though you're terrible at your job"

"I am no-"

"I need to know how to apologize... and the words for slow down and stop so I'll know if he says them"
Jirou went over a few phrases with Bakugou as they waited for his servants to come and get him dressed. When the group of skittish servants finally showed up Jirou switched to making a new cheat sheet.
"A-are you sure, my Prince?" one of the servants asked, holding a small box with shaky hands "We're still doing negotiations, the Queen is not sure if we will be able to keep-"

"He's not a possession. And yes I'm sure"

"But you can only do this once! If he says no-"
Bakugou cut her off with a pointed look and the girl nodded, pulling the gold-dipped dragon's claw of the box.

"He's the only one I've ever wanted," The blond said firmly, clenching his jaw tight as two servants forced the claw through his ear lobe.
It hurt but Bakugou refused to flinch away.

"Katsuki" His mother said as she walked into the room, her outfit already done up "You pierced your ear"

"I did"

Her teeth audible ground together.

"We haven't finished negotiations"

"I don't care."
"Because you're a spoiled selfish BRAT" Mitsuki pinched the bridge of her nose "It's a no-win situation, Katsuki. If we return the prince it'll make us seem weak and if we keep him there will be a war. What were you thinking?!"

Bakugou didn't respond.
"And now you've pierced your ear. Did you discuss this with the prince"

"I've made up my mind"

"So no, you didn't." Mitsuki groaned in frustration before slamming her fist against the wall "Everyone OUT. I need to speak with my son"
The servants stopped what they were doing immediately and left, leaving Bakugou half-dressed with his mouth. The Queen looked like she was about to explode.

"Is your sole purpose to embarrass me?" The Queen asked, taking a step closer to her son.
"If he stays willingly there's no embarrassment"

"You really think that he will stay? How did I raise such a fool?"

"He will stay. I know it"
"You can not even have a conversation with him by yourself! You know nothing about this boy. You could have any man or woman in the kingdom, but that's not good enough for you? You had to instigate a war"

"He's different. Better than the rest"
"Better? Just because you want to stick your cock in him doesn't make him better."

Bakugou's nostrils flared.

"You know /nothing/ about this boy. You've met him a handful of times and the majority of those times were in battle."

"I won him, that's my right"
Mitsuki grabbed Bakugou's chin, forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"Is that what you plan on telling the mothers when their sons do not come home from your war?"
Bakugou inhaled sharply through his nose as he stared at his mother's burning eyes.

"Your actions have consequences, Katsuki. Your decision can condom thousands to death. What will you say to them? How will you explain yourself to them?"
The tension was thick in the air, Mitsuki's nails were close to breaking the skin of Bakugou's jaw. All that could be heard was the heavy breathing and the occasional murmur from the servants who were eavesdropping outside the door.

"He is my fated," Bakugou whispered.
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