It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that many who defend Christian slavemasters as “good Christian men” who were simply “blinded by the time” are the same people who condemn gays to hell for falling in love.
And before people start trying to say that those who condemn Christian slavemasters ought to equally condemn gay people for getting married, there’s no comparison between the two.
The transatlantic slave trade was one of the greatest evils of the past millennia. It involved kidnapping, raping, murdering, and every form of brutal dehumanization known to mankind.
To compare this type of horrific system to gay people falling in love is unacceptable and does serious harm to maintaining a clear picture of just what exactly we are talking about when we say that US slavery was evil.
Some people will try to tell me, “I’m not the hypocrite YOUR the hypocrite because you don’t condemn gay people the same way you condemn Christian slavemasters.” Honestly, to say that gay people are on par morally with Christian slavemasters is so ridiculous it’s laughable.
This type of conversation reveals the ways in which morality is so twisted in the minds of xians beholden to white supremacy, that they actually believe Christian slavemasters could be praiseworthy Christians while saying that gay ppl are going to hell in the same breath.
The Christian world needs prayer, fam. When ppl can’t tell the moral difference between one of the worst systems of oppression ever created in Western history and gay people falling in love, you know that people are blinded by their idols.
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