I was for defunding the police years ago. I support Black Lives Matter, & the Black Panthers even more.

But when did “black/Hispanic people are killed by police at a far greater rate than white people” (absolute fact) become “we can’t talk about white folks killed by police”?
I’ve always understood “Black Lives Matter” has an implied “too” at the end. They’re not saying black lives matter any more than anybody else. They matter, *too*.

But I think some people really believe white people have no reason to fear, or be nervous around, the police.
Every single time I bring up police abuse of white civilians (myself included), somebody brings up race. “Imagine if you were black!”

Well, imagine if every time people brought up police abuse of black people, somebody brought up Native Americans? https://eji.org/news/native-americans-killed-by-police-at-highest-rate-in-country/
I don’t see this as a competition. I want to end *all* of it. If black people and native Americans were killed by police at the same rate as white people, it would still be WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE KILLED BY POLICE.
Some races/ethnicities definitely do have it harder than others, and that’s wrong. There are many reasons for this, none of which excuse the injustice.

But this system isn’t kind to anybody but the wealthy and the powerful.
It’s okay to acknowledge that police are awful to everybody, and even worse to some people because of their skin color.

Nobody’s safe. We’re more powerful united than divided.
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