Ladies and gentlemen, this are sausages or hotdogs.

I just want you to know that processed meat like sausages, hot dogs, corned beef, are classified as Group 1 carcinogens

What does this mean? There is STRONG evidence that they cause cancer.
The evidence is so strong that Tobacco (cigarettes or shisha) are in the same category as processed meats

Does this mean that processed is as dangerous as Tobacco? No, it just means that the scientific evidence that it causes cancer is strong

Red meat was placed in Group 2A
Does this mean you should stop eating meat?

Cut down your intake of processed meats, or stop altogether

Some of these meats contain chemicals during processing like N-nitroso compounds

Suya is not safe either as the burning can form polyaromatic hydrocarbons which is harmful
It took 22 experts from 10 countries, working on more than 800 studies on cancer to come up with these findings but Boniface from Berger will tell you that his neighbor has been eating sausages and does not have cancer, which makes them wrong.

Eat healthy, eat safe
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