What are some restrictions international students and grad workers face even when we aren't threatened with deportation? I am glad you asked. Ok, nobody asked but I bet you didn't know about most of these.
1) We are not allowed to work for anyone besides our sponsoring university. I had to turn down career-advancing offers from other institutions.
There are some opportunities to circumvent this but there are bureaucratic hurdles and we pay $$$ to apply to get the exception.
2) On campus, we are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. For instance, at my institution this means I can only teach two sections while some of my peers teach three and make more money and get more experience.
3) A good amount of prestigious fellowships and programs are only open to US-citizens and residents. We can't get that funding. This is gatekeeping and negatively impacts our ability to focus on our research and be a "competitive candidate" on the job market.
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