songs by neonpunch that stan twitter doesnt want you to see
— a thread
starting off strong with moonlight!
it has such a good melody and beat, the dance is amazing as well!!
switching off, the chinese version of moonlight is amazing as well! stan neonpunch, stan multilingual queens.
even the intro to watch out has such a good beat
their second and most recent title track is tic toc!! it has the same vibe as moonlight but in a different style!
next is like it!! this song has a slower feel than their others, but still gives the happy vibe we all love neonpunch for
here we have certified song of the century, goodbye!!! the part shown in the clip is member iaans rap, which is sadly her only lines but she absolutely delivers them. it really is a beautiful song
finally, we have my friends! this goes back to their usual upbeat sound, but it sounds so much different than their others (granted all of their songs sound different but you get what i mean)!
end of thread! stan neonpunch!
you may have noticed that this only has seven songs, and thats because.... they only have seven songs :(
we have been waiting for a comeback since last january when watch out was released. we were promised a comeback with the subunit xum, but that seems to be delayed too..
please support our girls, we really want to see them come back with a bigger fanbase than they had last year.
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