#EndMarxism #EndMarxismNow

Marxists are never liberators. They are totalitarian enslavers.

That's why they want to replace the American Revolution of freedom with a Cultural Revolution while not even being honest about what they are doing, using 'racism' as a smokescreen.
When they're done tearing down all the statues and rewriting the history of the American Revolution from being the glorious triumph it was into some sad sick mistake that only Marx & Socialism can 'correct', they'll be coming for your rights.

Do not lie to yourselves.
Don't tell yourself if we just give these people all the statues of the Founding Fathers, if we let them have their way, they'll calm down and become reasonable.

Reason does not drive them.

Appeasing them will only encourage them to attack America's foundations even harder.
In other words...don't listen to people like @BillKristol, who are at this important moment in history, encouraging people to **lie** to themselves. https://twitter.com/BillKristol/status/1279764288509444098?s=20
Should Biden win this next election, a 'left-wing culturual revolution' is **exactly** what America will get.

Only one of these Presidential candidates is promising to defend the American culture & common heritage that binds us all together.

And it's **not** Joe Biden.
It is in what we call the 'blue states' the Democratic Party that is enabling & supporting this new Cultural Revolution that seeks to replace the American Revolution is meeting with it's greatest "successes", and yes, I am using that term very ironically and sarcastically.
Whether through weakness or complicity Democratic governors, mayors and city officials in these blue states have demonstrated time and again they will not enforce the laws, they will not guarantee the public safety.

Instead they stand down the police & listen to cries to defund.
The results of this were not long in coming. They are very evident.

Every major city under Democratic control is seeing a major spike in violent crime. From New York City to Chicago to Atlanta to Minneapolis and other locales.

All reason has been lost.
So understand this and make no mistake:

A vote for Democrats this November is a vote for the madness to continue.

To vote for Democrats is to **affirm** the new Cultural Revolution. It is to make a deliberate choice.
You may not like Trump.

I understand that.

You can find him crude, abrasive and off putting.

But I want you to notice he's the only candidate running that promises the return of REASON and who is making a commitment to defend the American founding.
You may have heard in the mainstream news media that the President gave a very 'dark' and 'divisive' speech that 'plumbed the depths of depravity' and so on.

I want to challenge you to do something.

I want to challenge you to actually listen to the full speech yourselves.
I challenge you to listen to the speech President Trump gave in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore this 4th of July, and after hearing him out, if you still think that was a 'depraved' speech, fair enough.

Here's the full speech:
This very well could be the most important election in American history.

Every American voter faces an important choice this November.
A choice to embrace a Cultural Revolution that replaces the American Revolution with a commitment to 'social justice', ripping up the country's foundations and destroying the common heritage that binds us all together to pursue a new founding based on...well I'm not sure what.
Or a choice can be made to affirm America's founding principles and it's Founding Fathers, to defend the common culture and heritage we've received from them.

I know what choice I'm going to make.

I pray for wisdom for everyone who reads this thread.


Well there it is. A thread for all your friends and neighbors who are 'on the fence' about voting for Trump this November.

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