Imagine if your family saved every cent and sacrificed to send you overseas for school. Knowing they wouldn’t have the funds for you to come home until you graduated. Imagine being stuck away from your family as COVID hit, worried that you may never see them again. (Thread)
Now imagine finding out that one year in, because of the pandemic, your university was going to be online only for the fall semester. But it was ok because you have housing and access to the library and university WiFi. But then DHS tells you that you have to go home.
Imagine your home is a 9 hours time difference. Your classes will be at odd hours. Your country does not have stable electricity or internet. You don’t even know if you’ll have money to fly home. Or if you can continue your studies. Will your tuition be refunded? Your housing?
What DHS is doing to students is atrocious, especially during #COVIDー19. Education is the foundation for our future. I hope every university brings suit to halt this regulation and protect their valuable international student population. @MarquetteU @NorthwesternLaw
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