We are a small group of people who work in the music industry. We have seen and spoke to people all over the western world who are seeing music communities crumble due to intersectionalists telling you how to think and what to do. We are here to talk to musicians and reach out.
We still believe that there are racial injustices in the world, but also believe the way forward is to work together as a society and as a community and it doesnt matter what your skin color is, or if you are male or female.
We see the racism happening in the classic sense, but we also see the racism happening within woke ideology and we are standing apart from it.
We believe it's wrong to generalize that all black people are victims, when everyone has their own experiences in life and do not feel like a victim of society. There are many black people who do not feel this way and we want to empower people. Not make them feel inferior.
We also believe it's wrong to tell a white person that from their birth they are privileged, and need to tread on eggshells for the rest of their lives. This is a form of power over somebody and is an authoritarian tactic to keep people weak.
Both approaches are forms of racism, and take away your individual creativity, which is what we actually want to see in the music community. Freedom of expression is what we want, and people are trying to take that away from us.
We think it's incredibly important to start talking about these things now. We've spoken to so many people of different backgrounds in music who see this as so destructive, and see no path to move forward. We are in troubling times.
We work in pop, r&b, indie, hip hop, jazz, and anyone in any genre is welcomed. While it's hard for every one of you reading this to see it, we are aware that many people are strongly against this ideology.
So we just want you to know this: You are not alone, and many of us know you're scared. But this is the time to work together to create a better community. A music community based of empowerment and not power over one another.
We want to start communities in every city we can. We're currently trying to figure out a platform we can create communities on where we can post anonymously because we don't want to see any artists cancelled. And we can take their power away by doing this.
We are anti cancel culture, and this is not going to be a community to dox woke artists who are making a fool of themselves, but it is important to share their points of view, and have open discussion on how to deal with this.
We are still very much anti racist and many of the people who will add to this twitter feed will be people of different ethnic backgrounds. This is not a place for any form of identitarianism to exist and want all of you to feel like you can truly be an individual creative.
We are going to begin posting articles and content on how to deal with this phenomenon and help give you resources on how to build uncancellable brands, how to talk to people in a positive way about this, and mental health resources to help you through this weird time we're in.
If you're struggling in any way let us know. There will be multiple people using this account daily and we will happily reach out to you if you DM us.
One last thing.

We know you are out there. We know you exist. We are here to talk about this now, and we need your help.
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