Here's why I like this appointment so much. And in case people think it's a partisan thing, remember that @BobRae48 was not a Liberal when I made my bones. And although I had some friends who were very close supporters, I didn't play in the leadership runs he contested. #cdnpoli
First and foremost, he's pure talent. Effortlessly competent. Curious about people, things and issues (such a necessary quality). Charming. And good at accomplishing things. So, no matter your politics we're lucky to have him. #cdnpoli
Second, he brings a particular blend of diplomatic and political experience. Lots of people think they're good at both. He's been proven to be good at both. And that's not common. Navigating this new job will require a heavy tug on each aptitude. #cdnpoli
Third, he's an avowed multilateralist at a time when multilateralism is under withering attack by lesser minds motivated by lesser goals. Bob Rae won't make the world fall back in love with the UN but he will be effective at reminding people why we need such institutions #cdnpoli
Fourth, if the opportunity presents, he's the kind of representative who might prove effective at helping to improve the UN. I know. The opportunity won't present itself. But the shadow of COVID is as good a time as any. And if that debate ever broke out, he'd be good #cdnpoli
Fifth, from the 40s to the 80s his father Saul Rae was one of the giants of Canada's diplomatic golden age. Right next to Pearson, George Ignatieff, Escott Reid (no relation, sadly) etc. He even served a stint as Canada's UN Ambassador. Nice to see the circle come round. #cdnpoli
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