So, my best friend, who works for a large pharmaceutical company just shared this with me.

One of her co-workers, is on vacation in Texas, and she and her sister were at the community pool. They started talking to a gentleman there who works in a testing lab.
He said that he's baffled by the strong uptick in positives, like someone is pushing for the "second wave".

So, he decided to purchase 200 test kits himself and submit them to a competing lab to see what happened.

He didn't actually "test" anyone, just made them appear tested.
Sure enough, over 50% of the UNTESTED test kits turned up as POSITIVE.

What the hell is going on?

When will the madness stop.

When will #AmericaWakeUp ?

If you haven't already, you MUST watch Covid911 - INSURGENCY. It's been removed, put back up, but still has been flagged on YT.
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