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This ritual is a simple inversion of the sacred 12 and one.

A perversion of the natural energies of creation.

Instead of the one, the source, the Sun giving life; it is extinguishing it.
(1) And not only this, but extinguishing it utilizing the 12 which normally keeps it in balance.

This entire protracted ritual involving 12 murders served two purposes simultaneously.

Two purposes interconnected and equally vile.
(2) Dark hermetic magick that when carried out successfully multiplies the effectiveness of evil....

(Remember - Dark Occultists like to invert symbology and archetypes)

The first, to silence those who would uncover the pedophilia,
(3) corruption and the true nature of the political and Hollywood elite who feed on children.

And when I say feed I mean feed completely.

Energetically, sexually, and physically.

These monsters have been consuming children for over 1000 years and their
(4) institutions are the same institutions that are in place today.

These murders were meant to keep a lid on everything.


The sacrifice.

Is in accordance with the laws of the universe the debt must always be paid.
(5) This is not only the philosophical reason for sacrifice but the explanation of the physics behind it.

The energies involved mandate that something must be sacrificed if something else is to be given.

In this case, whistleblowers and people of the light were sacrificed.
(6) Perhaps these people were dirty and engage in pedophilia and had a change of heart or perhaps they were weak and would’ve caved under pressure are perhaps they were victims themselves.

It matters not....

Why a Doorknob?

The Meaning Behind the Metaphor

Following the death of Bourdain, Ex CIA spy and whistle-blower Robert David Steele has come out to shed some light on the rash of suicides.

Steele states that all these suicides bear the hallmark of
(8) professional hit job designed to silence others in going public with damaging political information.

It is a calling card, a message, a signal to others.

No different than a Columbian necktie, or spiking heads on the edge of villages.
(9) It is designed to instill fear into the hearts of people and maintain their silence.

It is pretty well understood that is incredibly difficult yet not impossible to kill one’s self by committing suicide in this manner.

There are other ways to go about the act both
(10) emotionally and physically.

This method, along with the numerology, timing, and sheer numbers of deaths are nothing less than a public display of punishment.

Robert David Steele goes on to say that the circumstances of the deaths have a significant symbolic
(11) meaning that intelligence agencies immediately recognize.

“Hung on doorknobs means choked for speaking out against the cabal.”

These people were choked to unconsciousness and then hung on a doorknob to die alone slowly only to have their bodies
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