The anti-China rhetoric makes no sense. We're happy to sell China our mines and farmland, and we're happy to take $millions in political donations from them. We even have their affiliates in our parliament. But China is our enemy?
I don't buy it. #auspol
What if all this anti-China propaganda was just for show and the far right leaders were actually selling us out to an international fascist bloc to capitalise on resources and cull the "useless" population ahead of dramatic reduction in resources that #ClimateChange will bring?
What if foreign military bases on our soil were really to quell domestic dissent rather than keep out foreign invaders?
Remember how we had Chinese war ships sail right into Sydney harbour without resistance just months ago?
None of this anti-Chinese bullshit adds up. #auspol
I actually think people like Morrison, Dutton & Trump admire the way China controls its people & enslaves them in production lines with low pay with no worker's rights. I think they'd like two classes...the elites and the slaves....and to control resources of #ClimateChange
I think these fascists would actually like it if the old, the sick, the disabled, the mentally ill, the gays, the Muslims and the "lefties" were killed off & just the elite and their strong slave class were left on the planet. It's how the elite will survive #ClimateChange
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