i wanted to make this thread to explain whats happening here these days, if anyone knows and wants to add anything, feel free to do it.
we are known as the country that has been in quarantine for the longest time. no one is working that much and our economy is getting worst. And we are going back to phase one so no one can work (except esential stores) and everything is closing.
we recently had some cases with police in chaco and tucuman where in one cops entered to a family house and started hitting, torturing and also sexually abusing of the family. heres the video and link in english so you can read more https://www.google.com.ar/amp/s/www.batimes.com.ar/news/amp/argentina/its-always-the-same-says-relative-of-attacked-qom-family-in-chaco.phtml https://twitter.com/revistacitrica/status/1267594100884242432?s=21
in argentina when quarantine started the government decided to free some prisoners and send them home to do the quarantine. they were supposed to be “nonviolent prisoners” but instead people w sex crimes, robbery, etc. were released. +
venezuela is facing a socioeconomic and political crisis. the reason behind this crisis, is years of hyperinflation, violence, and mismanagement of resources by the government.
there's been a number of human rights violations in the country which include extrajudicial+
executions, arbitrary detentions, excessive use of force and unlawful killings.
4 million+ venezuelans have fled the country due to the conditions the country is currently in. many of these are university graduates and professionals who have reduced+
themselves to minimum wage jobs in order to find living conditions better than those which are found at home.
in addiction to this, Venezuela is being attacked by US UK and others, starving the people, denying them meds, denying them basic needs.
There has been a low turnout at demonstrations and some protesters acknowledged being exhausted by dysfunctional public transportation, lack of power and water and crippling hyperinflation.
here i leave some threads and petitions for y’all to inform more: https://twitter.com/maxncfc_/status/1268662273989660673
heres also a thread to help families from venezuela https://twitter.com/guavavenezolana/status/1275902450717921286
Brazil has more then 63 thousand deaths and 1,5 million cases of covid-19. Bolsonaro, their president, is still saying that the use of masks and social distancing is not necessary and that also this virus is just a “cold” and they don’t have to worry about anything.
Bolsonaro is also against the liberation of mining and energy exportation in indigenous lands. Here is a petition to fight againt this. http://chng.it/SSh9ptsJ 
heres an account that gives reports about whats happening there everyday @BrazilianReport https://twitter.com/brazilianreport/status/1279150309269549057
this country is going through a lot of economic issues since october and no one talks about them. there are people that their minimum salary is of 300k pesos chileons (373dollars) of course not everyone has that amount of money.
so to be able to make it till the end of the month you might probably need to have two jobs. there public transportation is now really expensive and the bus is 700 pesos (almost 10 dollars) and the subway is 800 pesos (11.32 dollars) which this for Chile is a lot.
also don’t forget that they have to go in public transportation two times a day and maybe five times a week or more. Also paying their houses its really expensive for them and thats why most of them are not in good conditions.
Because of all this they started to manifest since october and police intervened in a violent way.
Here is a thread w info and petitions https://twitter.com/koishit_/status/1272729980674375683
You might not know but mexico is one of the countries where women suffer the most. femicides there are really bad, to give you an idea they had 1000 in three months and this gets worst everyday. Because of covid-19 things are not that bad but there’s still big issues and+
they are starting to be most of them at houses.
unemployment situations in mexico are constantly happening, also the corruption, fails from the educational system and also bad politics of security. Nowadays, the health system is not getting any support that is needed. They need +
this so they can go through quarantine and all that’s happening these days.
Also in mexico they may approve the law thats called “Federal Law of Copyright” which this one means that any type of copyright u make its going to have their consequences. That’s why places that make+
photocopies, repair phones or computers, they all become illegal and they must close then. So unemployment it’s going to start getting worst. For getting “legal” things or for example a good access to the internet you have to pay way more than before.
this is a thread w petitions that y’all can sign: https://twitter.com/paulinacotah/status/1268431080106803201
Mayan is a place from Guatemala that has lot of mexican and some people from the south of usa. Nowadays, USA wants to steal this place to fund tourists attractions. The idea is to build a Mormon theme park in the land. People who lives there becomes employees from the+
As most of you know, undocumented immigrants have a lot of problems with the USA government. Most of them are sent to jails and others back to their country. In these jails none if them have water or soap, and with all that’s happening now they need it. A 34% of the deaths from+
covid in the USA are latinos. Kids are alone without their parents and they look for other homes or maybe sending them back to their country but without their family. None of these latinos are able to go to a hospital and make a test of covid bc if they do they might go to jail+
Honduras is also on a really big crisis. The government stealing the money, they're telling fake treatments as a cure for covid, doctors are not even on part of the death numbers and people are literally dying in the streets. Either covid or hunger+
Since Peru started quarantine they have big difficulties to study. Kids have to walk from Cañicuto to Occopampa (10km) to get a good internet and be able to have internet and have their classes.
They are asking that the phone coverage can be expanded +
so they don’t do this walk.
Kids can’t study these days and also in Cañicuto they have no internet or phone network to communicate.
Comas has to make common pots where neighbors get together and share their food. This place has no access to “Vaso de Leche” or +
places to go and eat.
They were going to be recognized them human settlement but it all got susspended because of the covid and quarantine. Because of this they don’t have social programs.
As i said they get food from donations of family and friends.
With this help they can make their food and they have like 60 persons in this association.
If u know about any link that can help pls share
We’ve been having for a really long time problems with the deforestation and also in the soybean plantation. Also the pueblos originarios (native americans) are asking for their territory and insecticides are damaging the land and people’s health.
We recently had some cases with the police in Chaco and Tucuman where in one cops entered to a family house and started hiting, torturing qnd qlso sexual abusing of the family. Heres a video of what happened:
https://www.google.com.ar/amp/s/www.batimes.com.ar/news/amp/argentina/its-always-the-same-says-relative-of-attacked-qom-family-in-chaco.phtml https://twitter.com/revistacitrica/status/1267594100884242432?s=21
in argentina when quarantine started the justice decided to free some prisoners and send them home to do the quarantine. they were supposed to be “nonviolent prisoners” but instead people w sex crimes, robbery, etc. were released. +
Their president (Lenin Moreno) can’t control the situation w the pandemic and everyday they have more cases and deaths. There they have something called “yellow traffic light” that it means they can hang out groups of less than 25 persons.
Also some persons took advantage of the covid and there were many cases of corruption.
They don’t have the necessary beds in hospitals and there are problems w the people that died of covid and giving the wrong ashes to the families of the victim.
They’ve been for 15 years in a dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, people with different opinion than him were killed. He also stole money from the government .
In 2018 people from Nicaragua decided to protest take away his power and so he decided to send the police+
and kill people who were there (they were going in a pacific way without any kind of weapon). Some people from this day are still in jail nowadays
No one really knows whats happening there because Ortega bought all the medias and ways of communication so no one knows nothing.
He’s lying about covid cases and deaths.
Also money that was sent to the country for medicine it’s not being used and he’s keeping it for himself.
If u know about any petition or link w information pls share
The army there is raping kids and teenagers, their president Ican Duque stole the money from Colombia. He’s really corrupt.
The police and army are the ones that now are doing lot of crimes. A few days ago 8 persons from the army raped a girl of 12 yo+
and the justice said that she was part of the act and she didn’t put up resistance.
In Colombia drug trafficking has been a really known part of the country, Alvaro Uribe Velez was the director of the civil aeronautics of Antioquia and theres proof that authorized+
cocaine shipment from the airport of Rio Negro. He started he’s political life in Medellin and he created the paralmentism of Colombia, this group instead of helping Colombia they destroyed it. In 2002 he beca president. Presidents that came after him used money from trafficking+
They already have an investigation from the court and also from USA but nothing still happens about this and all this crimes might stay unsolved.
another link of nicaragua https://twitter.com/elpedronight/status/1280256884264574978?s=21 https://twitter.com/elpedronight/status/1280256884264574978
On April 1, Panama put into effect a gender-based quarantine schedule in response to Covid-19, requiring women and men to remain quarantined on alternate days. However, transgender people are being singled out for profiling by police and private security guards and
in some cases have been arrested and fined or prevented from buying essential goods. This is happening regardless of whether they attempt to follow quarantine measures based on the sex marker on their ID or do so based on their gender identity. https://www.bbc.com/news/stories-52668174
There has been police abuses like that of a man who was beaten by a cop bc he was allegedly selling expired merchandise https://twitter.com/mrspoliticus/status/1271178203684634626
A few days ago, a former president demanded the actions of a media outlet written by false news that he presented 8 years ago and now, during the pandemic w the current government of the same political party+
The government has given us a bonus of $ 80, was later increased to 100, which supposedly benefits people who lost their jobs, but there are some people who have not gotten it,
a $ 100 voucher in a country where the basic basket is+
A few days ago, a case of a 10-year-old girl who was raped by a 37-year-old man was learned. The family filed a complaint and the authorities told her that she had to wait for the baby to be born to confirm that it was the rapist's.
but there are places where children live in poverty and electricity doesn't reach them.
The vast majority of the Panamanian people are in the unfortunate and induced circumstance of choosing between taking care of their health against the coronavirus or going out into+
The Panamanian people have demanded the resignation of Vice President Gaby Carrizo and the Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, for all the scandals that have occurred due to a modular hospital.
The government has spent $12 million on the construction of a hospital, despite a Chinese company offering to temporarily convert, for free, a shopping center in Panama City+
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