Iggly moved in with me when I started Star Cove on release date but I kicked him out because I didn't want his starter house so...Iggly please come back home!
1-4 a big YEET
5. Oh, hi babe 😂
6. Not very dasher
7. Why is she named that when she looks snooty af
8. Ihy
9. I really love these duck villagers tbh
10. Idk but the hyacinth is blocking her mouth and i thought her nose was her mouth and it dont sit right with me
11. Gonna miss seeing him on hunts man
12. 🥺
13. Abominable snowman ape
14. Just here to say Phil of the future was a lame Disney show LOL
15. Oops the camera angle changed LOL. So here’s a bird eye view of us
16. My aunties favorite villager is apple 😂
17. Her and Gayle would be the best of friends
19. I love Blaire 🥺
20. Tbh I hate frogs and they scare me when I see them in person 😭
21. I swear I seen her in every thread I made
22. Bye girl
23. She seriously could be my bestie 🥺
24. Ok with these pink villagers 🙃
25. He and Kabuki would be best friends
26. Lucy’s hair reminds me of Merrys 🥺
27. Poppy
28. Another repeat. Y’all I’m about ready to take some shots for every repeat i run into. Vodka or tequila lmk lmk lmk 🙃
29. Zuckerrr - watch me run into all of them again on this thread
30. I adore him 🥺
31. Y’all we drinking 🙃
32. Noooo
33. Aye Dotty my thottie sisterrr
34. Three tigers in this thread already
35. I hate this guy
36. 🤘🏽Cyd🤘🏽
37. My auntie said that it’s donkey Kong
38. Tangy 🍊
39. He looks like a big brother who would beat up anyone if they mess with his siblings
40. Tank is next to Hornsby in cute boy rhinos 🥺
41. Sister with the lashes
42. I love Kid Cat 🥺
44. I’m still emotionally healing from leaving Boomer 😭
45. My auntie thinks Sandy is cute 🤢
46. Limberg and his 5 oclock shadow
47. Bye buzz
48. Bye dojo kangaroo
49. When her eyes are open they look like buttholes
50. Hamlet is the cutest lol hamster besides flurry
51. Ellie is one letter off than my ex’s name hahahaha i said it
52. Bye ugly
53. Oh, hi babe again 😂
54. Nooo
55. Ugh Kabuki 🥺
56. What do you call a singing computer? A dell
57. Honestly the only time I got penguins in this thread is when my auntie played for me 🙃
58. Told y’all ima get all 3, just marina next
59. I hate playing at night 🥴
60. I saw round head and got excited but 🙃
61. At scorpion island and Simon is just there like look at this helpless girl get stung.
62. I just know it was a tiger and I forgot to equip my net so I just ran back to Wilbur
63. Another damn koala LMAO
64. Ima say it again but Zelle is the best money transfer app LMAO
65. 🥺
66. This b is about to become my new Norma in this thread. Hate her. Lol
67. These koalas man.
68. Fauna again 🙃🙃🙃
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